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Series: What B Corporations do for the World #7

October 21, 2020

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentMuch of the B Corporation news in the US this week is about how businesses can help and encourage their employees to participate in the democracy by voting. We know that voting decisions have much more to do with our lives than simply choosing the President and the Congress. At AMS Fulfillment we encourage all employees to familiarize themselves with the elected representatives near to us, in our local communities, as well as those who represent us in the State and Federal Government, and to cast an informed vote that represents their values.

At the B The Change website we see the following encouragement to vote:

“This year, B Corporations and other businesses are doing their part to make sure their employees and other community members can vote safely, whether by providing paid time off for voting and volunteering or encouraging them to make a plan to ensure their ballots are cast.”

This week we’re presenting two articles. The first is regarding an organization of B Corporations that works to prevent voter suppression. The second is about a B Corporation, Rivanna Natural Designs, that has been creating jobs for recently arrived refugees. They are committed to helping their employees overcome obstacles to voting and participating in the democracy.


B Corps Address Voter Suppression in 2020 and What to Remember When Taking Action
During Its First Virtual BLD Conference, B Local Bay Area Highlights Voter Suppression and the Upcoming U.S. Election

“As business leaders, we believe that democracy works best when all eligible voters can have their voices heard and that every vote matters. But what can we do to address voter suppression in the coming weeks leading up to and on Election Day in the United States? And after the election, what can we do to support and protect the democratic process moving forward? There’s so much information out there, and it’s hard to know where to start. As part of BLD Bay Area 2020, Certified B Corporation community leaders set out to answer these questions, provide attendees with the resources, and empower them to take immediate action.

“BLD (B Corp Leadership Development) began seven years ago by B Corps determined to foster community among the 30,000 B Corp employees throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Each BLD is organized entirely by volunteers from local B Corp communities every year. This year was B Local Bay Area’s first-ever virtual BLD. Attendees included employees of B Corps and members of the greater B Economy, including students, academics, investors, and community members representing benefit corporations, aspiring B Corps, and nonprofit organizations.”

Read the full article HERE.


How Businesses Can Help Employees Vote Safely
Ensuring Workers Have the Time and Tools They Need to Participate in the 2020 Election

“As the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on and the election draws near, business leaders across the United States are working to ensure that their employees and the communities they serve have a safe and healthy voting experience. At our Certified B Corporation, Rivanna Natural Designs, voting has a special significance. Since 2001, we’ve been creating jobs for recently arrived refugees. For almost two decades, our coworkers have been rebuilding their lives from scratch, learning English, passing their U.S. citizenship tests, and earning their right to vote.

“As members of a team that has always included individuals who have fled persecution, war, and violence, we take elections seriously. For us, voting is a privilege and a priority. Our additional priority, in this election, is health and safety.

“We’re joining fellow B Corps and other businesses in making a concerted effort to provide employees with the time and the tools they need to be active and engaged citizens while protecting themselves, their families, and their communities. Here’s some of what we and others recommend.”

Read the full article HERE.