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Series: What B Corporations do for the World #2

August 26, 2020

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentFor AMS Fulfillment, being good for the world for the past few months has meant placing extraordinary effort into the safety of our employees and the changing needs of our clients. As an ‘essential business’ AMS Fulfillment is working at high speed to serve the needs of all of our people.

B Corporations are dedicated to the ideal of being good for the world, holding to a higher standard that does not put profit above people and the environment. The B Corporation community is made up of all types of businesses, big and small. In this series of blogs we will share information about what some of these businesses are doing to be of service in their own way.

The following three articles from the “B The Change” website demonstrate a very wide spectrum of service. The first is about the B Corp, Stonyfield Farm and how that company has dealt with the dairy market troubles due to COVID. The 2nd is about a business called Creature Comforts Brewery – a B Corp that hosts community organizations and organizes volunteers. The third is about Flock Freight; a company that is working hard on green shipping practices.

We hope you enjoy learning about the B Corp community.

* * *

How Strong Relationships with Organic Farms Can Build a More Resilient Dairy Market

B Corp Stonyfield Farm Avoided Dairy Market Troubles During COVID-19 Through Sustainable Supplier Network

When COVID-19 emerged, the stay-at-home orders that closed most schools and many workplaces meant more of us were eating at home, ordering less at restaurants and buying more at local grocery stores. In the wake of this sudden change, many farmers who supply restaurants and schools faced a halt in orders and scrambled to find new outlets for their products. So even as shoppers flocked to grocery stores, the existing supply chain structure posed a distribution challenge and led to increasing food waste as some farmers had to destroy their crops, dump milk and throw out perishable items that couldn’t be stored or moved to new outlets in time. Read the full article here.

* * *

Brewing a Successful New Idea: Customers Can Be Great Volunteers

Creature Comforts Brewery Develops a Model of Community Engagement

The brewery is in an old warehouse — a former car dealership — in downtown Athens, Georgia. In pre-coronavirus times, customers gather at a bar and big wooden tables. Every Wednesday, those tables host representatives of community organizations, from homeless shelters to a student enrichment program. They educate brewery patrons about their organizations’ work and involve interested customers in a volunteer activity: for example, making a blanket for the local homeless shelter or preparing sack lunches for underprivileged children. Read the full article here.

* * *

The Missing Piece in Any Sustainable Supply Chain: Shared Truckload

B Corp Flock Freight Aims to Transform Freight Industry

America’s freight industry is in no position to ignore its impact on the environment and the greater good. Luckily, at least one logistics provider is committed to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. Flock Freight is transforming the $400 billion freight landscape by eliminating inefficiency and waste through green shipping practices. The company’s shared truckload shipping solution — which enables several shippers to share trailer space in one full semi-truck — helps businesses meet their freight needs without overconsuming natural resources. Read the full article here.

* * *

In future blogs we will continue to share articles about the outstanding efforts of B Corporations during this important time.