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Keeping our Promises: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at AMS

September 1, 2021

DE&I Training | AMS FulfillmentIn a discussion with AMS employees, AMS Chief Workforce Development Officer, Ken Wiseman, promised renewed and expanded diversity and inclusion efforts at AMS. He told the group: “Acceptance of a diverse and inclusive workplace will be a condition of being in this ‘family’.”

Ken concluded his message with the following words: “I stand with you right now knowing we have miles to go and more progress to report but I am grateful that we are doing this together, and extremely confident that we will build a better company, one which will bring you pride in knowing that you helped get us to our destination, you made a difference in our journey.”

Keeping the momentum going to fulfill on this promise, AMS has engaged Diversity Works (#diversityworks) a consultancy that helps organizations evaluate their performance across a broad range of DE&I measures. Diversity Works is led by diversity educators and management consultants from different fields and disciplines. They measure data and develop a comprehensive scorecard showing a company’s areas of strength and its areas of potential improvement. Diversity Works helps organizations such as AMS in developing a vision for their future and attaining the goal of a culturally-inclusive workplace.

Ken commented, “With the cultural impact and importance that sound DE&I practices have on a company and its associates, the benefit of partnering with a company dedicated to assessment and improvement goes a long way in maximizing the commitment to this long overlooked area of importance. Diversity Works (@diversity-works-us) has led AMS through a comprehensive evaluation of our DE&I performance. Even for a certified B Corp and social enterprise that has been focused on diversity for years, we identified areas for improvement. They also helped us articulate our DE&I value proposition to better explain why it matters to us. We’re grateful for the experience and excited to take the next steps!”

AMS Fulfillment knows that diverse organizations bring a wider range of ideas and experiences to problem solving, helping companies connect with a broader range of audiences in a culturally competent way. DE&I demonstrates a commitment to disrupting the structural inequities that have historically created barriers for women, people of color, people with disabilities, and individuals involved with the justice system in the workplace. AMS promises to continue to make diversity part of their DNA, demonstrating to internal and external stakeholders the reason why the commitment matters and how it makes AMS Fulfillment successful.