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Happy B Corporation Month! Series #29

March 8, 2022

B Corporation - AMS Fulfillment

March 8th is International Women’s Day; the month of March is Women’s History Month, and the month of March is also B Corporation Month! As a B Corporation, we have a lot to celebrate this month!

There are women in leadership positions at AMS Fulfillment, coming from diverse backgrounds, having climbed their unique mountains, and we are proud of them, and proud that our story is one of fairness and respect. We will feature and celebrate “The Women of AMS” in an upcoming blog.

In today’s world businesses are increasingly committed to being fair… a whole lot more fair than the culture was 50 years ago. Looking at history is valuable as is shows the distance we have come, which allows us to create the way forward based upon experience. No one is the loser in a fair world, and the progress that has been gained by humanity in the past few hundred years is astounding. And yet there are many mountains left to climb.

In this writing we will focus on AMS Fulfillment’s commitment as a B Corporation and the value of commemorative months to us. The intention of commemorative days and months is to allow us to explore the past, learn from past experience, examine ourselves and determine how we can improve, and then go ahead and Be the Change we wish to see in the world. 

In the past years we have celebrated in our blogs… Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Earth Day (and month), Pride Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Disability Employment Awareness Month. As we look into the history of the American culture and look into our culture at AMS we have reason to celebrate. Many things have changed in the world and AMS has been on the forefront of change.

As a B Corporation we have focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and as a result our AMS culture is committed to being fair, respectful, and rewarding for those who have faced discrimination or exclusion in the past. At AMS women are in positions of leadership equal to that of men – Equity. We have focused on workforce development, and as a result our workforce enjoys many opportunities for education and advancement – Inclusion. We have worked with organizations in the community to hire individuals that are too often excluded from the workforce – Diversity. And yet there is room for improvement, and we examine ourselves and make efforts to improve wherever we see it is called for.

One of the most profound changes in the American culture is the arising of the B Corporation. What is profound about a B Corporation? In a few words… a B corporation puts Purpose before Profit. A B Corp is legally committed to be good for the world! History shows us that ‘good for the world’ is a profound commitment. As we continue through B Corporation Month we will not only look at our own history and our own progress, we will look at other B Corporations and enjoy their history and progress with regard to being the change we all want to see in the world.

Happy International Women’s Day!! Happy B Corporation Month!! Let’s celebrate Being The Change!