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AMS’ safety record is no accident: Workforce safety during COVID #5

September 9, 2020

Workforce Safety - AMS FulfillmentPrior to the COVID-19 pandemic, AMS had a great safety record of only one lost time injury in two and a half years. We created that great record because we focus strongly on safety, for 400+ employees, through continuous training and routine practices. Early this year, with the pandemic announcement, the safety practices took on new urgency and many challenges as we sought to protect our employees from exposure to the virus.

Our past four blogs have talked about the immediate steps AMS has taken with PPE, workstation distancing, sanitizing surfaces, restricting visitors, and even canceling the events where we came together for lunches and classes. The exception was OSHA safety classes, which continued with the help of our associates, our Safety Manager and management team.

In the last safety blog we talked about and showed images of the lunchroom dividers. Recently we located and installed dividers in the AMS Advance My Skills Learning Center. The classroom dividers are pictured below and the sanitizing process is pictured as well. In this protected classroom we will be returning to the workforce development programs that AMS is known and recognized for… and that is some good news for all!

Another one of the steps that we have taken is to not allow solicitations without an appointment, and restrict all but essential visitors. We started to do a temperature check on employees and everyone entering the premises in mid-March, (pictured below). At that time we informed all outside vendors that the temperature check and wearing a mask is required including UPS, FedEx, and LTL drivers. None of our visitors or delivery persons objected to the check, and so far we have not had to turn anyone away due to the temperature check. (AMS employees are asked to call in and stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms including fever.)

In our next blog we will talk about what AMS is doing to help our employees stay comfortable while following the COVID-19 policies and while wearing a mask in the summer heat.

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