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AMS Safety Record is no accident: Covid Safety #26

January 30, 2022

Warehouse Safety - AMS FulfillmentAt AMS, Covid safety protocols were established early in 2020, and those decisions and changes are recorded earlier in this Safety Blog Series. Many things were put into place at AMS, including 6’ distancing, masks, extensive and deep cleaning, sanitizing stations, more bathrooms, temperature taking, testing, virtual rather than in-person tours, working from home, separation in lunchroom and collective spaces and so forth.

The steps taken to protect the health of our employees were extensive, and successful. We did not see any outbreaks at AMS, and for those employees who did get exposed at some location and suffered the virus, we are confident our protections saved their co-workers from exposure.

Our effort now, in 2022, is in continuing the Covid safety procedures with the same energy and consistency as when we began. And in addition, we are offering vaccination clinics for employees, their families, and people from other companies that work nearby. Seven clinics have been held so far with the eighth scheduled on February 11th.

For many people, there is a weariness that comes with continuing the efforts over the long haul, and our work at AMS has been to realize this pandemic is not over, and not let the weariness enter our space.

We spoke with Matthew Warholy, Security & Safety Manager at AMS, and he agreed that we all have to stay vigilant.

“This virus isn’t going away just yet,” he said. “We all have to remember to continue to use the safety protocols that we’ve learned in the last two years. Hand washing, temperature taking etc. Even if you have had the virus, you can get it again. You can also pass it along to co-workers, friends, family and complete strangers. Yes, the vaccination helps immensely, but you can still catch it and get sick, be hospitalized or die. Why take that chance of passing it along? Please, if you’re sick, stay home. Go and get tested for your own safety. Wear your mask over your nose and mouth. If you carpool, don’t take the chance of infecting others. If you do get sick, make sure that others living with you quarantine also. Taking these precautions will prevent illnesses in others and save lives.”

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