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AMS Safety Record is no accident: A Year of Safety #25

January 8, 2022

Warehouse Safety - AMS FulfillmentAMS Fulfillment has a strong focus on employee safety, to the degree that we have created a blog series on safety as an example of what we, as a B Corporation, consider best practices. In the past year we have produced two blogs on ‘lost time’ injuries, covering the reason that AMS has such an outstanding record; three blogs on pandemic safety measures including our upgrade to using UV light to kill the virus; a blog on the extensive forklift safety training that AMS requires; a blog on fire and heat safety measures; a report on our OSHA challenge training and a blog on general warehouse safety.

We reported on the vaccine clinics being held at AMS, including how AMS organized the clinics, working with a group called Veritas which works directly with LA County. We also interviewed Marco Pelaez, AMS’ VP of Operations about the clinics. In this report we return to the subject of vaccine clinics for an update from Marco.

The following is his report:

“On January 7th AMS held its seventh successful vaccination clinic with 140 people receiving their first or second dose, or booster shot. This number included children from five to nine years old. Also we were able to provide vaccinations to employees from two other companies located nearby.

“We started our first clinic in July of last year. Since that time we have had seven clinics and are going into the eighth one next month. We have provided over 500 vaccines. With this project we have increased safety for our employees, and that is something we are grateful for. As of this last clinic, 95% of our employees are fully vaccinated and now we are going outside of AMS and inviting other companies to send employees who want to get their vaccines to our clinics.

“Our employees are welcoming these services with open arms knowing that the only thing they need to do is to show up and be vaccinated during their working hours without losing any time or pay. Thanks, everyone for your support.”

AMS Fulfillment appreciates the opportunity to serve not only our employees and their families, but other businesses in the vicinity and citizens in the community.

warehouse safety - AMS Fulfillmentwarehouse safety - AMS Fulfillmentwarehouse safety - AMS Fulfillmentwarehouse safety - AMS Fulfillment