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AMS: A New Approach to Work

May 9, 2018

How often do we hear the words, “I Love my job?” For far too many working people, jobs are considered tiresome, uninteresting and something that has to be done for survival. Some might even look upon their job as detrimental to their health and happiness. So when you hear “I’m working for a great company – I love my job,” it’s good news, and we’re interested in creating more of that.

At AMS Fulfillment, we really do think differently about what ‘work’ should be. According to AMS’ CEO, Ken Wiseman, “Work needs to be a place where people have friendships, challenges, a place to grow, and a place to feel that one’s contributions are valued.”

From the beginning, AMS’ top management has held a firm commitment to create a ‘corporate family’ environment, i.e. a foundation of interdependence and support. Like many other B Corporations, we are well aware that employees who enjoy being at work put far more thought and care into what they do and that benefits us all. The realization that we can practice greater humanity and enjoy financial success as a result, is the core belief of a social enterprise (B Corporation).

Is this small but growing realization a harbinger of greater changes to come in society? Results of a 75-year long Harvard study indicate that such a change has proven successful. We are learning how to live happily and prosper, and it involves putting thought and humanity into our work.

To quote the study: “The deeper and more transformative your daily experiences, the more perspective you’ll have into what the world needs. The better you’ll be at your job. The happier you’ll be as a person – despite experiencing hardships throughout life. When you have people around you who love and help you, you become a different and better person.”

AMS Fulfillment is recognized as an innovator in workforce development; in our efforts at training, mentoring and educating our employees. We are also known for giving opportunities for stability and growth to people that face challenges entering and staying in the workforce.

AMS Fulfillment clients experience no loss of efficiency because of our social commitments. They stand to benefit when their products are handled by a trained, educated and ‘happy with their job’ workforce, as this workforce will appreciate the client and work on their behalf.

We encourage businesses looking for fulfillment services to consider B Corporation Certification a valuable plus!