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AMS Multiplier Program: Meeting the Needs of our Community

July 28, 2021

Multiplier Program | AMS Fulfillment AMS Fulfillment has a long and rewarding history of involvement with our local SCV community. We are so grateful for our relationships with community organizations as they inspire us, benefit the community and benefit us. Some of our past blogs have focused on our work with Single Mothers Outreach, Bridge to Home, SCV Sheriff’s Foundation, SCV Search and Rescue, various cancer drives, Senior Concerns, Pleasantville Industries, SCV Economic Development, Mayors Committee for the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities, S.T.R.E.A.M. and more. Click HERE for our AMS Blogs and News.

Now AMS has begun a new program, called the Multiplier Program, where we help our employees in their efforts to meet the needs of the community. We are proud of our employees who donate and volunteer, and through the Multiplier Program we encourage and support community involvement among our staff and alumni. The support that AMS provides can be in the form of additional volunteers or financial help or both.

We recently enjoyed our inaugural Multiplier Program event. AMS volunteers stepped in to help at an event on Friday, July 23rd at Bridge To Home, an organization that provides help, hope, and change for our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. AMS volunteers helped AMS alumni, Vaughn Gregory, utilize his mobile food service, “Hit Da Spot Backyard BBQ” in order to provide meals to 60 individuals, and AMS sponsored the cost of the meals.

As a B-Corp, AMS is committed to give back to our community and to our employees. We were excited and happy to Multiply Vaughn’s event at Bridge To Home.

Meals, in addition to hygiene products, are provided by Vaughn and “Hit Da Spot BBQ” to homeless shelters each month. “Hit Da Spot BBQ” proceeds have helped out Skid Row, Downtown LA. “Hit Da Spot BBQ” meets homeless people where they are, solving the hunger issue right now, wherever they are today. “Like a soup kitchen, but MUCH tastier!”

We encourage AMS employees and alumni, who are working within the community to help solve issues that they care about, to contact Samantha Hicks and the AMS Multiplier Program so that we can help multiply their efforts. Email: [email protected]

In this picture, we have AMS’ Operations Directors Keith E & Justin W, along with Keith’s little helper Korbin E.

“Hit Da Spot Backyard BBQ”; AMS Alumni Vaughn Gregory, along with his family.