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AMS Installs Dividers for Employee Protection

June 30, 2020

Workforce Safety - AMS FulfillmentWhen the COVID-19 pandemic began, and AMS was deemed essential, the company scrambled to implement all of the CDC recommendations for businesses. We quickly placed hand washing and sanitizing stations throughout the warehouses and installed more bathrooms. We changed around workstations for distancing and we restructured assembly lines; we brought in a 3rd party cleaning agency and sanitized high-touch areas; we provided gloves and masks as soon as we could get them – everything that could be done, we did.

Recently we took two more steps to protect our warehouse workers – the AMS team located appropriate dividers and had them installed on the assembly lines and in the lunchroom. Protecting the health of our essential workers, the men and women who have stood with us through these extreme times, remains our top priority. There has been no indication of a spread taking place within the company, and we are thankful for that.

Our VP of Operations at AMS West, Marco Pelaez, has been dedicated to keeping our associates safe at the workplace. Marco has the full support of the company as he continues to make our environment as safe as possible.

In a recent communication to all associates, AMS CEO Jay Catlin encouraged everyone as follows:

“Let’s continue to stay vigilant in our fight against COVID-19… keep your hands clean and masks on please, especially when you’re speaking with others!! It’s natural to want to pull your mask down when speaking with someone… easier to be heard, more comfortable… but this is precisely when you need to keep the mask in place. The warm months are coming and we understand that wearing a mask isn’t ideal in that environment. AMS will be sourcing and supplying masks that are not quite as heavy as our “Safety First AMS” cloth masks, giving some level of comfort to our Team members out on the floor.