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MMG Workplace Award Winner: AMS Fulfillment

April 28, 2021

Workplace award - AMS FulfillmentThe press release went out on April 27th announcing an award granted to AMS Fulfillment as an outstanding workplace with a vibrant corporate culture and innovative benefits! The award was granted by the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), which is a premier M&A deal making community, with a global network of more than 100,000 middle market professionals who invest, own and advise growing companies.

AMS is proud to receive the Middle Market Growth Workplace Award offered by ACG. As our readers well know, we have for many years put a high priority on the development of benefits for our employees, and diversity and inclusion in hiring and promotion. AMS is a significant job provider, hiring nearly 400 individuals in our warehouses and offices. We have long attributed our success in serving clients to our talented and much appreciated employees.

To read the full Press Release, please click HERE.

ACG reaches its audience through several media channels, including its award-winning flagship publication, Middle Market Growth, which dives into emerging trends. Middle Market Growth Magazine has published an excellent article announcing their choice of AMS Fulfillment, and highlighting our workforce development programs and the corporate culture that we enjoy. Please see below for an introduction and link to the full article.

We are very pleased to accept the Workplace Award and proud to join an esteemed group of middle market businesses being recognized for their achievements.


MMG Workplace Award Winner: AMS Fulfillment

Workforce development is something that comes naturally to Ken Wiseman. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development and began a master’s degree in special education. Although Wiseman switched to business and earned an MBA, he never forgot his initial passion.

“It’s in my DNA to work with folks that have come to the world with challenges,” says Wiseman, who now serves as the chief workforce development officer at AMS Fulfillment.

Based in Valencia, California, AMS is an outsourced logistics provider that offers order management, warehouse and inventory management, reverse logistics and other value-added, complex fulfillment services to consumer products companies primarily in the beauty and cosmetics, apparel, footwear and accessories sectors.

In 2017, AMS became certified as a B-Corp and is legally accountable for meeting high standards of social and environmental performance. Only about 3,500 companies meet the standard globally, according to B Lab, the classification’s certifying body. Other B-Corps include recognizable brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia.

“AMS keeps its community on its mind by dedicating energy, effort and financial resources toward developing numerous programs for potential and current employees, supporting, charitable organizations and employee opportunities,” says Wiseman.

As a B-Corp, AMS receives funding from county, state and federal agencies, which the company uses to support its efforts to provide extensive training to employees from underserved communities.

The company has more than 400 employees spread across its seven locations throughout the U.S. A large portion of its talent pool includes employees who were formerly incarcerated, individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities, youth from at-risk communities and others struggling to maintain employment.

To reach these communities, AMS has partnered with almost a dozen agencies, including Pleasantview Industries, a nonprofit that provides training and support to consumers with developmental disabilities, and Los Angeles County’s Workforce Development Department, to help youth and adults with criminal backgrounds, disabilities and other challenges to employment.

“Essentially, we exist almost as a not-for-profit, even though we’re a for-profit company,” Wiseman says. “It opens doors for us to be considered more like an agency in terms of what we do for the area of workforce development.”

Read the full article HERE.

MMG Workplace Award Winner: AMS Fulfillment