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AMS Featured in Marketplace Magazine

December 18, 2017

Everyone knows that a whole lot of packages get shipped over the holidays, but not everyone knows the role of a fulfillment company like AMS in making the holidays happy.

AMS employees gear up for the holidays in mid November, and as the following article states, there is no resting on one’s laurels in January, as that is the time to handle returns!

Recently Marketplace Magazine reporter Reema Khrais interviewed CEO Ken Wiseman and AMS warehouse staff and management on how a fulfillment company handles the task of picking, packing and delivering holiday gifts.

* * *

These days, the holiday magic happens in warehouses.

Holiday shoppers can take their time agonizing over every little detail before hitting the “buy” button, but once an online order makes it to a warehouse worker like Natalia Andrade, the clock starts ticking.

Nineteen-year-old Andrade spends her day speeding through a maze of products at a large warehouse outside Los Angeles. She grabs things like candles, socks and lipsticks, juggling nearly 25 different orders at once. Her best time?

“My best time is seven minutes, depending on how much each order is asking for,” she said.

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