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AMS Employees Help YAL Families Enjoy Thanksgiving 2020

December 4, 2020

Community service - AMS FulfillmentFor the tenth year in a row, AMS employees have reached in their pockets and donated full Thanksgiving dinners to SCV families in need. This year is an exceptional one for all due to the effects of the COVID pandemic and the resulting hardships on families.

In response to the time and the need, AMS employees donated funds to supply a full dinner to 55 selected families, and 30 turkeys to additional families! Vallarta Supermarket (Valencia – Lyons) participated as well by offering the volunteers a 5% discount on the dinners. Also present at the event were volunteers from Valencia Hills Church, which gave out boxes of food for the holiday.

The recipient families are participants in the Santa Clarita Youth Activities League (YAL) ‘Adopt a Family’ program. The Youth Activity League is a very beneficial nonprofit organized by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for young people in the Los Angeles community. Deputy Brian Rooney, stationed in Santa Clarita, is actively involved with the Val Verde YAL program.

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, volunteers met with the families at the Val Verde YAL. Jimmy Briano, the YAL Center Site Manager, had selected the recipient families and arranged for them to receive their donation. Jimmy was joined by Deputy Rooney and AMS retired CEO, now Chief Workforce Development Officer, Ken Wiseman as well as AMS volunteers Erica and Gene. For the safety of all, Jimmy and his team arranged for the dinner and turkey recipients to stay in their cars and proceed past the AMS truck where the dinners were loaded into their cars.

AMS President, Betty-Lou Wiseman, administers the company’s giving programs, including this annual Thanksgiving effort. She is supported by long-time employee and volunteer, Erica Martinez. Regarding the needs of families during this difficult year, Betty-Lou said, “The Holiday Season has always warmed all of our hearts to give, and this year is extraordinary for all of us. We are so proud of the generosity of AMS employees, and their desire to make Thanksgiving great for even more YAL families. Our Christmas families are next!”

Regarding the opportunity of giving, Erica said, “It is such a great honor to participate every year in bringing families together and see them smile. This year it was even more of joy to be there. Our families were so happy.”