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A Proud Moment for Diversity and Inclusion

January 28, 2021

Young women of today can see a fairly wide-open landscape when looking at the work environment and professional life that awaits them as adults. If they look back as well as forward, they will celebrate the battles their grandmothers faced, fought and won on their behalf.

When today’s grandmothers were in their teens, the education and career choices were limited by a culture that only a few generations earlier had denied women a vote, or the right to own property. Today’s grandmothers didn’t see many women doctors or judges or professors or presidents – they didn’t even see female ministers of churches.

Young women who reached adulthood in the 1960’s and 70’s were encouraged onward by a revolutionary spirit called the ‘women’s movement’ or ‘women’s liberation’. At the same time another revolutionary movement was taking place. These decades saw the rise of ‘Black liberation’ or ‘Black nationalism’ coinciding with the civil rights movement.

Today’s young woman, as she chooses her career or life work, knows that she has the human right to equal opportunity and equal pay. Today’s Black Americans, whose ancestors suffered enslavement across Western world, know that they have the human right to equality in all areas of life. As we look back we see a great deal of progress in overcoming the injustices of the past, but our world today tells us that there is still a distance to go.

For the reason of fairness and human rights, B Corporations put a high priority on diversity and inclusion. At AMS we want a diverse workforce not only because of past injustices, but because we see and we enjoy the many benefits of diversity in our own company culture.

The 2020 election took us to a historical ‘liberation’ achievement that honors the struggle of both women of the past and Black freedom fighters. The achievements of Vice President Kamala Harris are celebrated by all who are committed to diversity and inclusion, no matter which political party we may support.

AMS joins with other B Corps to say… we are proud that the American culture has taken another step forward with regard to eliminating prejudice, discrimination and racism.