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Robust Client Services

Expertise Served with a Side of Experience

When It Comes to Service, AMS Delivers

Our highly experienced, proactive and robust Client Services team partners with our clients’ internal operations or marketing departments to help them solve problems and save money. Our team members also act as the liaison between our clients and various AMS operating departments, including Fulfillment Services, Warehouse Operations, IT, Finance and others.

The AMS Fulfillment Full-Service Model

AMS provides complete office support services, known as our Full-Service Model. This model is designed to do what a full-service fulfillment partner would do — manage all administrative functions for our clients along with warehousing and fulfillment, allowing businesses to develop and oversee a large company in a more virtual or streamlined office environment. Put simply, we do everything from data entry and accounting to client service and collections.

Why Choose AMS for Client Services?

We work hard for our client partners, delivering great service to them every day. We are responsive, knowledgeable, great listeners as well as educators. Our large team plays a central role in the success of AMS and our clients — and when our clients succeed, we succeed.

Our robust Client Services team sets AMS apart from our competitors for a couple of reasons:

The experience and expertise of our people, which has evolved as a result of managing fulfillment services for a plethora of industries and companies.

The business processes that Client Services follows in AMS daily operations. These processes are key to providing excellent services and ensure that each client’s task list is executed daily.

  • Operating knowledge, such as USPS postal regulations, retail routing requirements and systems functionality, is shared with every manager.
  • Unique business rules are established and documented by client.
  • Every client remains attuned to its business at AMS via upfront and proactive contact management routines.
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