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Featured Promotion 11/20/23

Employee - AMS Fulfillment

Featured Promotion of the Week
George R., Facility Director, West, Valencia, CA

Hi! I’m George. 


I have been with AMS since May 2023. As Facilities Director, I oversee a staff of 15 who are responsible for maintaining the physical condition and cleanliness of four warehouses. I am responsible for scheduling fire, life, and safety inspections, coordinating electrical, plumbing, and equipment repairs, developing strong relationships with outside contractors, work with City and County Inspectors, and ensure that the lights will be on every morning when we come to work. 

The most important responsibility of my job is that I remain a positive example of leadership to my team and every employee of AMS.


The biggest challenge that I had to face in Facilities was the lack of organization. Having a “hands on” background in Fleet Maintenance, Construction, and Facilities Maintenance has helped me to understand the importance of team unity, communication and follow through.  I implemented procedures that I had used successfully in the past to prioritize and schedule work and maximize productivity. In the last six months Facilities has become more organized and efficient at addressing repair issues, we have elevated customer service, standardized work procedures, expanded our contractor’s pool and improved team morale.    


On a personal level, I am most proud of being a loving husband, loving dad to four amazing children and the coolest “Papa” to fourteen beautiful grandchildren. Professionally at AMS I am extremely proud of the amazing team that I am mentoring and being able to witness their development and accomplishments.

I have been professionally rejuvenated since being hired in May. My position has given me the opportunity to share my leadership experience and facilities knowledge with my team and mentor the future of AMS. 


I stay motivated by focusing on my team’s accomplishments, and hearing from other department leaders of how great a job everyone is doing. The amount of work that Facilities has accomplished in the last six months reflects how committed each person on my team is to being successful. As the leader, it is exciting to see the energy of a team working together to accomplish their goals.  

I am inspired by the leadership. AMS is the first company that I have worked for that truly cares about the success of each employee.   

Everything in life that is worth acquiring takes hard work.

Now Let’s Have a Little Fun!

Regrettable Fashion Trend

The whole disco fashion.  Platform shoes, bell bottom pants, and big collar shirts.


I am culinary trained (almost finished with school) and make the second-best pasta sauce in the land.  Mom’s will always be the best!

Spirit Animal

The elephant would be my spirit animal because they signify strength, loyalty, determination, confidence, honor, pride, and dignity.

Friends Describe Me As

Loyal with a good sense of humor.

Weirdest Fact

India, whose cuisine is known for its spicy flavors, did not have spicy peppers until after Columbus brought them from San Salvador and gave them as gifts to the kings of Spain. 

Thank you, George, for growing with AMS!