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Featured Promotion 09/15/23

Featured Promotion of the Week
Tia W., Operations Associate I, Churchmans, DE

Hi! I’m Tia. 

Role: I am an Operations Associate I at Churchman’s and have been with AMS since February 2023. I started as a temp, and I am happy to now be a full-time employee working in the quality control department. My job entails inspecting orders to ensure they meet client standards. I also coordinate outbound freight.

Challenges: A challenge I faced was losing an amazing supervisor and team lead with starting a new department and learning conflict resolution firsthand. I was able to overcome this by working hard and always giving 110% even when it seemed impossible. I also had a lot of support from our then outbound manager and our director of operations.

Accomplishment: The accomplishment I am most proud of is moving the QC department to a new building and keeping it running after losing a major player.

Inspiration: My biggest inspirations are John V., Paul S., Megan S., Sarah M., Robert T., and Robyn D. I also cannot forget about Lori F. and Toni T. who always take the time to make sure everyone has what they need or just to simply say hello. They are all amazing people who are always there to help within the company. All these people have taken the time no matter how busy they were to teach me something new and to help me along the way.

Motivation: At work, I am motivated by my supervisors and my coworkers. No matter the challenge we face, we always have the day we deserve. The best advice I can give to someone who is just starting with our company is to show up every day and demonstrate integrity – quality over quantity. You can never ask too many questions, time management is key, and always safety first.

Most People Don’t Know: I like to go fishing. A secret talent no one knows about is, I taught myself how to knit when I became a grandmother.

Thank you, Tia, for growing with AMS!



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