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Featured Promotion 08/04/23

Employee - AMS Fulfillment

Featured Promotion of the Week
Amber P., Operations Lead, Churchmans, DE.

Hi! My name is Amber. 


I have been with the company for a year in October. I am an Operations Lead in the B2B department. I oversee specs for orders and making sure we get the must ship orders out ASAP.

My best advice to AMS employees is to pay attention to the small details. In my department, we deal with different retailers, and they all have different shipping guidelines, keeping in mind that a simple mistake in a way an order is shipped could result in a chargeback.


Honestly being around my coworkers, we always have a fun upbeat workday.


One of the challenges I faced is operating the walkie rider. When I first got trained on it riding it scared me. I just practiced when I had the down time and asked questions when I didn’t know something about the equipment.


I used to be really reserved and shy and not speak up, but now, I say what’s on my mind and give ideas on how to better our department.  

I am most proud of becoming an Operations Lead in such a short amount of time. I only been with the company for 5 months before they asked me. I was super excited when they asked.


My biggest inspiration within the company is my supervisor, Paul. He is the nicest, funniest, and most down to earth supervisor that I have ever had. He makes working here enjoyable.

Secret Talent

I’m a great roller-skater.  

I LOVE to bake. I took up culinary arts in school so I could become a pastry chef. Plus, sweets are my weakness.

My best,