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Featured Promotion 07/02/21

Featured Promotion of the Week!
Jade B., Production Manager, New Holland, PA

Hi! My name is Jade,

I have been with my team for close to five years, and a member of the AMS team for almost two years now! My favorite part about my job is I really enjoy training and being able to work hands on in a fast-paced work environment with such a great team of good, hardworking people. I also love that there are so many opportunities to learn and grow within this company.

When I am not at work, I enjoy any and all activities with my boys. In the warmer months, you’ll find us hiking, fishing, camping, spectating in motor sports and car shows, just to name a few. In the cooler months, we enjoy gaming, eating, Netflix and chilling; LOL. I also have a plethora of hobbies. I dabble in photography, various kinds of arts, crafting, and creating with a number of tools and materials. Most recently epoxy and wood have caught my interest, and I love giving new life to old furnishing/furniture.

If I can give any advice to AMS Employees, it would be to show kindness and grace to one another. This means taking the extra second to maybe make the next steps of a job easier or more efficient for another person or extending help when someone on your team may not be working up to par that day for whatever the reason may be. This is home away from home for most of us, and if we can just carry ourselves a little more positive and do little things along the way to make someone else’s day better or a job run smoother, we will in turn feel better about ourselves while creating an amiable, efficient working environment for everyone. My motto is “positivity produces productivity.”