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Featured Promotion 04/22/2022

Featured Promotion of the Week!
Kimberly D., Operations Lead I, HQ, Valencia, CA.

Hi! My name is Kim.

I have been with AMS since November 2016, started as General WH II, then grew to Operations Lead. My favorite part about my job is the uniqueness of this company. It gives us the opportunity to grow, has good health insurance, good vibes, I enjoy everyone I work with, and it’s a place I want to work.

My Director, Nacho is a good example of a mentor, as he is hands on, fair, trustworthy, and most importantly, he makes time for me and my coworkers, and always makes sure the team has the tools they need.

When I am not at work I like to go read, go on walks, and play video games.

If I can give any advice to AMS Employees, it would be to always strive for better. I would hope we all want to move up in the company and in life.