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Featured Promotion 03/22/24

Featured Promotion of the Week
Saul M., Operations Supervisor II, Livingston, Valencia, CA.

Hi! I’m Saul. 


I am an Operations Supervisor II at Livingston and have been with AMS since September 2021. My Daily assignments are to work closely with Juan H. to manage the daily operations on the floor by making timely adjustments to have the most productive day possible, including scheduling, monitoring, and running our RPH for 6 clients, daily, weekly, and monthly, monitor our Service Legal Agreement (SLA) very closely, monitor clients supplies, daily schedule for Box Maker that we have here at LIV, communicate with client services very closely, and whatever else that may come up daily.


A challenge for me was starting a new system after being in another for several years.


My motivation started from day one by treating and caring as if it were my own business. Customer and client satisfaction, RPH, and SLA are top priorities. Team goals, high shipping output, and getting every order out daily are the driving forces. Believe it or not, Peak Season is my favorite time of the year because those numbers must be met. I enjoy working with other departments throughout the company.

My mentor is Greg B. He is a great leader. I am surrounded by a strong leadership team who all have their own great set of skills. Overall, we have a dedicated and hardworking team. We accomplish our goals together.

Being a Volunteer Rep motivates me to promote great company culture and community involvement, and being a Safety Rep motivates me to have a safe and healthy work environment.

Now Let’s Have a Little Fun!

Most People Don’t Know

I started a 501c non-profit (President for 10 years) geared toward making it affordable for single parents to have their children participate in youth sports and to have them tutored.

Hidden Talent

Coaching!!! I coached three sports, but currently, I coach high school football.

Spirit Animal

Racoon (my son’s favorite)

Dogs (my daughter’s favorite)

Friends Describe Me As

Loyal with a huge heart.

Thank you, Saul, for growing with AMS!



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