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Featured Promotion 02/25/2022

Featured Promotion of the Week!
Reggie J., Account Manager (Remote), TN

Hi! My name is Reggie.

I have been with AMS since 2018; started as Account Coordinator and promoted to Account Manager. My favorite part about my job is the team I get to work alongside. The mangers who raised me up from account support to a manager position focused on developing all areas required for this job such as confidence, patience, focus and organizational skills. They encouraged strategic thinking/problem solving and displayed ethics in action and set a precedent to follow.

When I am not at work, I like to get on my bike (cycling) and ride until my legs feel like Jell-O. My favorite activities above all else are playing make-believe/dressing in costumes and putting on puppet shows for my very talkative 3-year-old nephew, Jude.

If I can give advice to AMS employees, it would be to take all the notes, ask all the questions and if you see someone who seems to have it all together ask them to guide you into the same practices that made their job look easy. Also, have patience with yourself at the beginning of any stage. I struggled my first year in this industry and my ego almost got the best of me, but when I focused on the goal and not the situation, I was able to shed the weight that held me back from stepping into the next level.