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Featured Promotion 01/08/24

Featured Promotion of the Week
Madeline S., Account Coordinator I, Valencia, CA.

Hi! I’m Madeline.


I have been with AMS since September of 2020, and my job as an Account Coordinator involves a lot of working with both clients and our operation teams to ensure orders are shipped without issue and in a timely manner. I have had the opportunity to work on a couple of different accounts, and that has allowed me to learn a lot of new skills and work with different people.

Being able to handle my own workload, while also having the knowledge needed to help cover when a team member is out is an accomplishment, I am most proud of. I was also one of the Employees on the Month this past October!


It can become overwhelming when working on multiple accounts at the same time. My solution has been to stick to a schedule where I work on one account more in the morning and another in the afternoon, or I will cover any priority tasks first and then work down from there.

Good communication is key. Asking questions and reaching out for help when needed is very important, especially if you are working remotely.


I am inspired by my fellow team members, they are all very hard workers, personable, and great to work with. I see every day as an opportunity to learn something new, or to sharpen a pre-existing skill.

Now Let’s Have a Little Fun!

Regrettable Fashion Trend

The “Hipster” fashion trend, having a million mustache decals on everything is definitely not as cool in retrospect.

Hidden Talent

I have always really enjoyed photography and baking.

Spirit Animal

Probably a black bear since they’re my favorite animal.

Friends Describe Me As

Funny and kind.

Weirdest Fact I Know

Jellyfish have no blood, bones, nor brain.

Thank you, Madeline, for growing with AMS!



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