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Featured Promotion 01/02/24

Featured Promotion of the Week
Jada T., Operations Associate I, New Castle, DE.

Hi! I’m Jada. 


I am an Operations Associate I at New Castle, DE and I have been with AMS since November 2021. My job entails fulfilling the client/customer needs and to motivate my team to be the best that they can be.

The accomplishments that I’m truly proud of is the leadership experience I have gained (at the age of 20) and building one of our clients back up in the last few months that they were still in the building.

This company has taught me patience, time management, and has helped a lot with being the age that I am. Not only can I use the skills I’ve learned professionally, but I can also use them in my personal life as well.


Some of the challenges I have faced at this job are not getting enough help and having to make do with the resources that I have, which ultimately grew my leadership skills. For example, we could be finishing out a big order and the trucks arrive just in time.

Dealing with challenges and obstacles are easy when you continue to stay positive for yourself and the team. I try to keep a level head especially in front of my team members, so they don’t get discouraged.


The way I motivate myself during the day is listening to Beyonce lol.

My biggest inspiration within the company is myself, honestly.

The best advice I could give someone at AMS is do the best you can always and always stay positive throughout everything.

Now Let’s Have a Little Fun!

Regrettable Fashion Trend

Bright color clothing, I hate them. (lol)

Hidden Talent

I know how to play the flute very well.

Spirit Animal


Friends Describe Me As

Optimistic and down to earth.

Weirdest Fact I Know

A human body has 2.5 million sweat pores.

Thank you, Jada, for growing with AMS!



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