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Featured Employee 06/18/24

employee - AMS Fulfillment

Featured Employee of the Week
Amber S., Operations Manager I, Newark, DE.

Hi! I’m Amber.

I am an Operations Manager I at Newark, and I have been with AMS since May 2022.

My proudest accomplishment is continuing to keep my drive and moving up, staying open to suggestions, and learning all that I can.

My mentor in life would have to be Steve Collins for sure, he has pushed me to keep pushing myself and not settle for anything less than the best. He has taught me so much from learning to read my emails all the way, to being more empathetic towards others. Steve has truly been such a huge part of my career and has taught me how to be the best leader I can. I continue to learn something new from him every single day. And I am so very grateful to have been given the chance to learn from his experience. Thanks, Steve!!!

My biggest goal right now outside of work is trying to buy a house. Obviously that’s a whole process but I have been slowly working towards it. In the workplace I really want to be a Director of Operations, I want my own building one day.

The most challenging thing I have ever dealt with would have to be changing my life around from being irresponsible, undependable, and chaotic to being able to live a productive and peaceful life where I can be counted on and able to set an example for my kids and show them that hard work pays off.

If I could go back to the start of my career and give myself one piece of advice, it would be to be more open-minded and patient. Not everything needs a response.

If I could switch jobs with anyone at the company for a day, I don’t know that I would, I am actually okay where I am right now. I have a lot to learn still, building a solid foundation for when I am ready to move up at the company.

Now Let’s Have a Little Fun

A mantra I live by is “every single thing happens for a reason.”

My co-workers would be surprised to know that I am an open book, and that I am actually a terrible cook :/

I am passionate about my work; I always try to give my best efforts in whatever I do, and my two kids, I want them to know that they have to work hard for what they want but that nothing is impossible, and they can do whatever it is they put their mind and energy into.

My favorite hobby outside of work is being on the water, whether that’s boats or just going to the beach. I love summertime and the sun.

If I were on a deserted island, the 3 items I would bring with me are a tent, matches or lighter, and a phone.

Thank you, Amber, for growing with AMS!



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