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When Trends Drive Beauty Fulfillment

August 23, 2016

Beauty fulfillment - AMS FulfillmentBeauty Fulfillment: Makeup, anti-aging crèmes, serums, oils, fragrances, skin repair products – anyone who has shopped for these items knows that they can be very expensive, but definitely considered ‘worth it’ by the consumer.

What makes a high-end beauty product appealing to the buyer is the quality, the brand, the packaging and the sometimes fragile container. It goes without saying that these products must be handled with care long before they get to the store shelf or to the consumer’s front door.

For this reason, beauty fulfillment comes with a list of unique requirements. Among the concerns of the fulfillment company would be spills and breakage, security in the warehouse, shelf-life and/or expiration dates, packing and shipping various packaging sizes and shapes, and providing a temperature controlled environment to protect the chemical stability of the product.

AMS Fulfillment has a great deal of experience in handling high-end cosmetics, beauty products, oils, and other very vulnerable and valuable items. We have specialized beauty fulfillment procedures in place to cover receiving, storage, quality control, labeling, kitting, packing and shipping.

One of the most important aspects in this area of fulfillment is maintaining a ‘cosmetics friendly’ temperature during storage. To facilitate this, AMS insulates the warehouses for general storage and provides 200 pallet locations in a secure climate controlled area for especially vulnerable products.

Experience matters in all areas of fulfillment, but especially in timely receiving, warehousing and order fulfillment of high-end, vulnerable items. We have years of experience in handling tens of thousands of beauty product items. With us, the capacity to handle huge volume and sudden changes in volume is not only protected by procedure, but comfortably routine.

For example, a certain serum or crème will perhaps be promoted on HSN or QVC, or may simply trend because a movie star is using it. Orders will go through the roof, department stores, boutiques, salons, spas and individual consumers will be expecting their orders to be fulfilled quickly. So, for AMS, a huge volume of the product must be warehoused and handled properly, with orders received, packed and shipped on a tight schedule.

After the orders drop off for that product, another will become the ‘trend’. When trends drive sales, special attention must be given to staffing for the rush and shelf-life and expiration dates for the drop-off. In beauty fulfillment this is the norm, and it guides our handling of beauty and health industry products from start to finish.