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The Benefits of Working for a B Corporation

November 12, 2021

B Corporation - AMS Fulfillment“Don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.” Denzel Washington

AMS Fulfillment is a job provider and a B Corporation, and this combination is significant, especially at a time when the unemployed are looking for jobs, and companies are looking for people to hire. What does it mean for the employee, to be hired by a B Corporation? Working for a B Corp means that there is something being offered in addition to a job and a paycheck. What that addition is, depends on the focus of the B Corporation.

B Corporations are companies that have made a legal agreement to consider the needs of the workers, the environment, the community, the shareholders and the company. These are businesses that Do Not put profit above all, but instead see their role as participants in creating a better world. In other words, Being the Change that we want to see.

Depending upon the type of business, some B Corps focus more closely on environmental issues, some focus more closely on serving the community and some put a strong focus on developing their workforce, but basically all B Corps are obligated to consider all of these elements.

An article at Mac’s List entitled “Jobs at Certified B Corporations: Why You Should Build a B Corp Career” goes into what a B Corp is, the focus of the business, and the benefits to employees:

“Part of the B Corp certification process focuses how the business supports its workers. Companies that achieve certification have demonstrated a commitment to building a healthy, sustainable, and engaging working environment for all employees.”  Read the full article HERE.

At this time fulfillment companies are hiring warehouse workers to fill a number of positions. Depending on the company, these jobs can be a way to earn a paycheck or they can be a rewarding opportunity with significant benefits plus a paycheck. As a job provider, AMS has maintained a strong focus on the latter, offering significant benefits to its workforce.

Several years ago AMS Fulfillment established an on-campus classroom where in cooperation with a local college, free classes were offered. One exceptional achievement was the establishment of the first in the US Logistics Apprenticeship. In addition to free education and training, and mentorships, AMS offers a number of ways for employees to advance their careers as well as an exceptional benefits package and a very safe work environment.

In addition to the focus on workforce development, AMS is a social enterprise, hiring individuals who have experienced obstacles to entering the workforce such as persons with justice system involvement, individuals experiencing homelessness, single parents and individuals with disabilities.

Another article in the Huffington Post regarding the benefits of working for a B Corporation puts it this way:

“Not only are employees of B Corps most likely satisfied employees, the social benefits of certification inevitably extend to the entire business, too. According to the Harvard Business Review, millennials (roughly 50 percent of the global workforce) want work that connects to a larger purpose. Naturally, B Corps will be able to attract and engage top workforce talent, as well as investors and peer partners.”  Read the full article HERE.

Finally, employees can be sure that a B Corporation will have a strong focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and AMS Fulfillment is a leader in this regard as well. AMS has in place strategies, programs and policies developed within the company to implement a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace.

We encourage job seekers to join with a B Corporation and make a difference – B the Change!