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Thanksgiving: A Celebration and a Responsibility

November 16, 2021

Thanksgiving - AMS FulfillmentThanksgiving is a cherished holiday for families in the US. For most it simply means getting together, eating a big meal with certain preferred foods, and being thankful for life and for each other. But we are living within a cultural change, and it is a profound and much needed change. We seek the true history of our holidays and our heroes so that we might recognize the peoples who suffered, and celebrate the progress that brought us to recognition of the humanity of all.

As we continue maturing into a culture that celebrates diversity, equity and inclusion, we can be proud of the growth, which has been consistent over the decades. And as we grow, the true history of our holidays becomes a valuable tool. As a B Corporation, AMS is dedicated to be the change that we wish to see in the world, and as such, we embrace the true history with gratitude and purpose.

Can we still celebrate and enjoy Thanksgiving, knowing that the origin is not a romantic, simple and sweet story of Native American tribe that shared a meal with Europeans who were seeking freedom in a new land? The true story is so much more complex and painful, and it marks the beginning of European colonization of a land that would become the United States.

Knowing that US history contains both individual freedoms to be appreciated and painful injustices to be overcome, how can we wholeheartedly celebrate our holidays and appreciate the past? The answer is simple – we can shoulder responsibility to uplift the truth and make sure that we continue to mature into a country where diversity, equity and inclusion are fully embraced and freedom is fully enjoyed by all.

And on Thanksgiving, we can do as AMS Fulfillment has done for many years, which is to make sure a Thanksgiving meal is possible for the families that are struggling financially in our community. AMS has a tradition that goes way back, where we work with the local Sheriff Department’s ‘Adopt a Family’ program, along with local supermarkets, to feed families in need. AMS employees donate to support the giving program. Even when the pandemic was at its worst, we were there. And we will be again this year.

For an honest look at the Thanksgiving origins, we recommend an article in the Smithsonian Magazine. Please click HERE.

Finally, we wish you and yours a truly enjoyable holiday, however you wish to celebrate. It is the time of harvest, celebrated by many cultures over thousands of years with gratitude for the gifts that Nature provides. Happy Thanksgiving!