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No Lost Time Injuries in 2019 – How did we do it?

January 8, 2020

Workforce Safety - AMS Fulfillment

AMS Fulfillment has come through the year, and through the busiest seasons, and we’re finding a lot of reasons to celebrate. One of the most appreciated achievements for us is… no lost time injuries (LTI) in 2019. We sincerely thank our employees, supervisors and management for a safe year in an industry where injuries can happen.

The average for LTI in logistics is around 4.5/100 employees, with Amazon employees experiencing over 9/100. Given that AMS has 300+ employees, if we were an average company, we would experience 13.5 LTI, or if we were Amazon, 27 LTI. “0” is quite an accomplishment!!

We offer special thanks to Chief Workforce Development Officer (and former CEO) Ken Wiseman for a long record of dedicating himself to the safety of our employees. Ken has responded with appreciation for the employees: “I am so pleased to see so much attention to safety coming from all of our employees. The key is letting everyone know that their opinion on safety matters to us.”

According to an insurance company report, the top three injuries in the transportation and warehousing industry are overexertion, falls and roadway incidents. In the manufacturing industry the injuries are overexertion, caught in equipment, and repetitive motion.

Preparing our employees for the job, training them in safety procedures, scheduling them to avoid overexertion, making sure the environment is ergonomic, assigning jobs with an eye toward repetitive motion and standing, doing extensive equipment training, weekly consultation with employees in charge of warehouse safety – these are among the things that we do.

AMS considers employee wellbeing vital to our success, and appreciating their efforts and contributions begins with creating a safe environment.

Like many others, we follow guidelines established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These guidelines touch on a wide range of topics, including fall protection, ergonomics education, equipment training, moving vehicles, signage and so forth.

Knowing that many injuries involving days away from work are incurred by workers with less than one year of service, we begin job training with safety training. We teach proper movement, tailored to the tasks, with the goal of instilling correct habits – to use your body correctly every time, all the time, and avoid taking risks. The same goes for equipment training, moving about the warehouse, keeping an eye out for safety issues that might be developing, awareness of danger zones and so on.

As AMS celebrates a perfect record, we’ll begin again to create another safe year. We look forward to announcing future safety training, and we invite you to enjoy some of our past blogs on the subject.

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