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A Green Fulfillment Company Can Make a Difference

January 21, 2014

GreenDoes it matter if a fulfillment company goes green? Of course it matters to the environment, but does it matter to the fulfillment company and its clients? Does it cost more or does it save money? Does it add to the work load or make things more efficient? Does it make a difference in the way people feel about the company and the work they do?

The fact is we all want the forests to be healthy and the skies and waters to be clean, people and animals to survive and resources to be available in the future, so going green is bound to be a winner with employees and clients. All things being equal, clients would choose a green fulfillment company over one that did nothing because it just makes sense. And, if going green is done right, the green fulfillment company will save money immediately, and save even more money over time as it changes infrastructure and makes processes more efficient.

Going green does make a positive difference to everyone, so how can a fulfillment company become a green fulfillment company? A large fulfillment company stores and packs wholesale goods, and ships goods and marketing materials across the globe. A fulfillment company heats, cools and lights huge warehouses and it heavily utilizes transportation and packaging materials. Inherent in the operation of a fulfillment company is the opportunity to conserve, recycle and wisely pack and ship. And there are many other, not so obvious steps that can be taken as well.

A green fulfillment company can purchase Post Consumer Waste (PCW) recycled products wherever possible and choose supply vendors who choose to go green. The green fulfillment company can consolidate packages to destination points. The green fulfillment company can shop locally, use digital copy before paper copy, get the company off Direct Mail lists and landscape for water conservation. And there are other energy and cost-saving choices that a fulfillment company may wish to invest in, such as insulation and skylights in the warehouse.

You’ll find a comprehensive list of suggestions at the AMS Fulfillment website. Click on the globe to see what AMS has done to become an environmentally responsible green fulfillment company.