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Consider Ideals When Outsourcing Fulfillment

June 15, 2018

outsourcing fulfillment - AMS FulfillmentA quick search of the Internet will bring up few arguments against outsourcing fulfillment and a number of solid points in favor. When a company decides to outsource fulfillment, they should expect to 1) reduce the cost of shipping with a company that negotiates well and knows logistics, 2) have far more flexible warehouse space and staffing to deal with seasonal and other ups and downs smoothly, 3) receive the benefit of well trained employees, a safe warehouse and advanced technology. These are considered the benefits of outsourcing that AMS and all companies would or should provide.

Another consideration is whether the fulfillment company is going to be dedicated to your success as well as their own. AMS has long realized that the two are tied together in that the client’s success creates the fulfillment company’s success. We approach a client as the fulfillment operations division of their company, i.e. whenever we can save money for a client we do, whenever we can improve a process or when we need to go above and beyond we do. So the second level of consideration when choosing to outsource would be to find a company as dedicated to your success as you would be through timeliness, quality control, customer service and cost efficiency.

In addition to these, there are a few more questions that companies are asking nowadays. These considerations point in a direction that lifts the human spirit: Who will treat their employees and the environment with as much respect as we do? Which company will hire those who are most vulnerable to joblessness and educate and train them into skilled associates? Which company actually cares about their community and a green earth like we do?

We can honestly say that AMS Fulfillment does its best to be among the top contenders in all of these considerations. When we take on a client, our aim is their success and that includes their success as a corporation that cares.

When AMS became a B Corporation we proudly made a legal commitment to live our ideals and serve the community and the environment. We realized that we already fit the mold, as we had been operating efficiently for our clients, enjoying success as a business while caring for the environment and the community all along. B Corporation certification is simply a legal promise, with employees, clients, the community and the earth in mind, to step it up even more as a model of what business can do FOR the world.

AMS encourages companies making the business decision to outsource fulfillment, to go ahead and factor in ideals. In so doing we may just be creating a better world.