Our Approach

AMS-524At AMS we strive to serve our clients as if we are the Fulfillment Operations Division of their company.

In order to serve our clients in this way we work pro-actively, improving service levels and controlling or reducing costs. Ours is truly a common sense approach, based on the knowledge that client success breeds our own success.

Our positive contributions help solidify long-term business relationships. By thinking of a client’s success as if it is our own, AMS becomes a true Partner in Fulfillment Operations. Once a client chooses AMS as their fulfillment provider, the collaboration begins.

We believe our fulfillment expertise is imperative to the ultimate success of our clients. To this end we offer extensive education and training to our employees. Our training programs include a groundbreaking Logistics Apprenticeship Program that is a first of its kind in the US. AMS’ commitment to workforce development is a significant part of our B-Corporation commitment – to operate a business that is good for the world..

Getting inventory items shipped accurately, routed properly and delivered on time is of course an imperative function for our clients’ businesses on so many levels. At AMS, we take this responsibility to heart. Our expertise is a natural outcome of years of providing pro-active solutions for clients. No one could know what’s available in business process outsourcing better than AMS, because we do it every day.

Our Approach to providing fulfillment services on behalf of our clients differentiates us from others in our space.

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