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Congratulations AMS Employees of the Month, May 2021

Employee Appreciation - AMS FulfillmentCongratulations to the AMS Fulfillment Employees of the Month for May 2021! We are proud to honor the following members of our corporate family! Thank you Jasmine F., Ruth B., Destiny S., Devin J., Taron A., Mike G., Sam H., and Sandra G.

In the fulfillment industry, employees directly serve the company’s clients, making their efforts vital to the growth and success of the business. We know their value, and we respect and invest in our employees.

The following nominations demonstrate that the individual being recognized has gone above and beyond, and deserves Special Thanks! All Winners will receive an Employee of the Month Certificate & T-Shirt!

Jasmine F., DFC Operator (03/19/2018)
New Castle, DE

Jasmine’s work ethic and dedication are unmatched. She has perfect attendance; has never called off. I cannot PAY her to take a day off! I appreciate her always going above and beyond to help with any task given to her and to aide me in any way. She deserves to win Employee of the Month and the raise she deserves that’s overdue.

Ruth B., Inventory Control Specialist (01/30/1995)
New Holland, PA

I would like to nominate Ruth B. for Employee of the Month in New Holland. Ruth works in inventory control and has been with the company for many years. She has been the glue that holds us all together. Each day she can be found with a smile on her face or heard laughing from across the warehouse. Ruth is incredibly good at her job and is always willing to help anyone who needs it regardless of how busy she is. There is just no replacing Ruth B.

Destiny S., General Warehouse II (10/30/2020)
WIL: Valencia, CA

Destiny inspires her co-workers through her positive attitude towards work and any task given to her to perform. She is confident in her abilities to perform her job and through her confidence her co-workers are more willing to perform the job to the standard required of them. She always has a positive attitude towards her job never letting changes or issues arise to bring down her outlook on work. She even has a positive attitude when a change in a job is necessary and may require the job to be completely redone to meet the new job standards. Destiny is always willing and often volunteers for additional job duties and training so that she can excel in her position at AMS. She is a role model for other employees on how to better themselves and their work. Other employees gain confidence in their working abilities through their personal interaction with Destiny. Even though Destiny has been with AMS for less than a year, she is often put into a leadership position in many areas of the business.

Devin J., General Warehouse II (12/23/2020)
HAR: Valencia, CA

I would like to nominate Devin for EOM. He has been a true team player for our clients since day one and is always willing to learn and take on more responsibilities. He works well with others and always goes the extra mile to make sure the tasks get done. We are very pleased to have him on our team.

Taron A., General Warehouse II (11/20/2020)
HQ: Valencia, CA

I would like to nominate Taron for EOM. He has done fantastic work handling the shipping area. He always keeps shipping on track and does a great job, making sure everything gets out on time. He also played a big role in improving the new shipping layout during our new shipping label roll out. Great job!

Mike G., Director of Client Services (10/04/2010)
HQ Admin: Valencia, CA

I would like to nominate Mike for EOM. He is an amazing director of client services. He is focused and organized but still manages to be kind to his co-workers and his team. Mike shows excellent project management and leadership skills. He is respected by his team members as well as other teams that work at AMS. He is also very knowledgeable about our industry and is always willing to share his knowledge with others.

Sam H., HR Business Partner, Programs & Services (05/21/2018)
WIT: Valencia, CA

I would like to nominate Sam for EOM. Sam is always helpful and provides accurate and prompt responses all the time. She is the “go to” person when questions need to be answered. Thank you Sam for all you do!

Sandra G., Operations Supervisor (12/03/2019)
LIV: Valencia, CA

I would like to nominate Sandra for EOM. We were looking for a 2nd shift Supervisor to take on a very challenging client here at Livingston. Sandra heard about the challenge and told her supervisor that she wanted to do it. She is now shipping for our three largest clients on second shift. She has built a good team and has a great attitude and is always willing to learn.

To all of our Honorees, please know that whatever role you play, you are the reason for our success. Congratulations and Thank You!



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