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AMS: How Amazon Keeps On Improving

January 1, 1970

By the measure of time we’re not far away from the world of our grandparents, but how different our worlds. If grandmother wanted to purchase something that wasn’t in the local store, she would go to the catalogue to shop. She would fill out an order form and mail it along with a check. A few weeks later the package would arrive and her desire would be fulfilled.

Consider how differently our desires are fulfilled today. We can pick up a device to access the Internet, look at what is available, and within a couple of clicks the product is purchased. It’ll arrive at our door shortly, certainly within a couple of days, sometimes with free shipping, and if we pay more it’ll arrive within a day or even hours.

That’s a pretty big difference – shopping made so vast, convenient and quick it would be shocking to our grandparents. How can the system be so fast and accurate? It’s already very impressive, but consider this… according to an article in The Verge, Amazon is looking to top what is already top performance.

Amazon revealed today that it’s working to offer free one-day shipping as the default for Amazon Prime customers, instead of the free two-day Prime shipping primarily offered today.

When a product is ordered, a chain of providers are put to work. What makes it operate so successfully? It’s has to be more than an efficient system, and it is. It’s the people who make up the system – the employees all along the line from technology to transportation and delivery to warehousing and fulfillment.

AMS plays a role in the speed and efficiency of modern day online shopping, and a role in Amazon’s success as well. We know it’s the employees who make things work, and we operate as a company that knows.

AMS is a certified B-Corp, also known as a social enterprise. This certification indicates that the corporation has taken on on the responsibility to serve – serve the community, serve the employees, serve the shareholders or owners, serve the Earth. B-Corps seek to demonstrate that an efficient and profitable corporation can also be a force for good in the world.

Reasons our clients choose AMS: 1) AMS Fulfillment is part of a global supply chain whose range, speed and accuracy would amaze our grandmothers. 2) AMS is also a recognized leader and trendsetter in workforce development, with education and training in cooperation with a local college. 3) AMS is part of a movement of corporations to have a positive impact in the world – we’re a B-Corp. 4) AMS is a successful fulfillment company with a great reputation. We’re very proud to play a role in Amazon’s success.

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