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AMS Executive Team Meets With ProVisors Organization

October 26, 2019

AMS Fulfillment has entered a time of growth and expansion. As a Certified B Corporation in the fulfillment industry, we are growing, we are unique and we are trendsetters. AMS is among a group of businesses that seek to prove you can be a profitable expanding business and good for the clients, the employees, the environment and the community at the same time. As the world turns toward corporate responsibility, we are on the front line.

Recently AMS hosted a meeting of 35 people who are members of a group called the ProVisors. The ProVisors organization is a group of advisors who refer to themselves a business accelerator. Members of the AMS Executive Team met with ProVisors group members, and introduced AMS Fulfillment, our programs and our vision for the company’s expansion.

Ken Wiseman, AMS’ Chief Workforce Development Officer, gave an overview of the Fulfillment industry followed by Jay Catlin, CEO, who gave a history of AMS. Ken then talked about the unique efforts of AMS today. He discussed our B Corp status and the multiple employment and educational programs that AMS is currently engaged in. SCV Economic Development Corporation was also in attendance giving an overview on the growth and opportunities in Santa Clarita. The event was a very successful introduction to the ProVisors group.

Having begun in 1988 as a group of business advisors to the Los Angeles business community, from attorneys to bankers, ProVisors is now a national organization with 5,000+ members in California, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Seattle.

Through an introduction to ProVisors, AMS joins with other professionals in a very broad community, founded on principles of reciprocity and “Know. Like. Trust. Cross-refer.” ProVisors members are carefully vetted for reputation, experience, integrity, commitment to reciprocity and other factors. As AMS aims for excellence in this period of growth, the relationship with ProVisors members brings new cross-referral opportunities.

When asked about the new opportunities, Ken said, “We believe that sharing our B Corp status can be catalyst to either attract similarly focused organizations to work with us, or be an inspiration to others to become more community focused.”

The ProVisors network makes it possible for AMS to share our experiences and expertise as a successful B-Corp and collaborate with other professionals on the challenges that expansion will bring. We look forward to a valuable and enjoyable relationship with the network of ProVisors members.