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AMS Enjoys Holiday Giving Traditions!

December 22, 2017

The holiday spirit is strong at AMS Fulfillment, where associates gear up in early November to receive products that they will pick and pack and ship, and even assemble, making sure everyone gets the gifts they ordered for the holidays, on time. In the midst of all of the activity, AMS associates (with support from AMS) still find the time to experience the joy of giving.

Every year AMS employees and management show their care and respect for the community by distributing Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts. The Thanksgiving meals were delivered a few weeks ago with AMS supplying complete meals to 35 families. After the Thanksgiving holiday, AMS associates began to focus on toys and joy for the children.

This week AMS had the pleasure of supporting 13 families in Val Verde for Christmas. They delivered dinner certificates, toys, bicycles, apparel, and other items, to families that may need a little help this year.

Betty-Lou Wiseman, Executive VP of Client Services at AMS, has administered the company’s giving programs over the years. Regarding the Christmas gifts, AMS CEO Ken Wiseman spoke for both himself and Betty-Lou: “So many of our employees come from Val Verde, and we love supporting this small community. It is our hope that many of the young people receiving gifts will someday get their first job here at AMS while deciding what they would like to do in life.”

In supporting these families, AMS works in conjunction with the SCV Sheriff’s Department. Deputy Brian Rooney oversees the YAL Community Program with the Val Verde community, and he selects the families and presents AMS with ‘Santa’s list’!

Regarding the enjoyment that AMS associates experience in holiday giving, Jay Catlin, President of AMS said, “These giving events have been a part of AMS for many years, since the beginning. We are glad that we have the resources and such enthusiastic associates, allowing us to provide some joy and happiness to others during the holidays.”

One of AMS’ foremost participants during Thanksgiving and Christmas is Erica Martinez. Erica, who has been very busy organizing, purchasing, wrapping and delivering gifts, had this to say: “I feel so blessed being able to participate. When I get home, I close my eyes and see all those kids’ smiles – it touches my heart!”

When the time comes for the one-on-one gift distribution, AMS associates meet with the families at the Youth Center. Every year it becomes a joyful celebration for all – one of the favorite events shared by the AMS corporate family.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season from all of us at AMS Fulfillment.