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AMS Crew Joins in River Clean-up

September 25, 2018

The City of Santa Clarita’s 24th Annual River Rally Cleanup and Environmental Expo took place on Saturday the 22nd of September. More than 1,000 pre-registered volunteers brought their family and friends to a location on Wiley Canyon Road where they were able to enjoy an Environmental Expo before they spread out along the river in order to clean up trash.

Vendors representing programs in Santa Clarita offered information on air quality and pollution prevention, water quality, open space preservation, wildlife conservation and recycling. Gloves and collection bags were provided for the volunteers, and coffee and donuts were provided for free, as were water refills and crushed ice, courtesy of generous local businesses.

Volunteers from AMS began organizing participation early on. AMS CEO Ken Wiseman, along with Taraya Gill, Mayra Juarez and Teresa Goldman represented the HQ Office and warehouse; Felipe Gomez represented the WIT warehouse; Christy Gomez, Jenny Marquez, Melanie Melendez and Alicia Grassi represented WILL; and Samantha Hicks took charge of organizing, representing WIT and HR.

On Saturday morning they brought family and friends to the location. When asked about the event, Ken complimented the organizer and said, “I had a lot of fun, and it was great getting to do this clean-up project with so many wonderful AMS team members – and their children and spouses!”

The Santa Clara River, originally named the Rio de Santa Clara, is one of the least altered and most dynamic rivers in Southern California. It flows through a wide array of habitat, including areas of farmland and areas of significant urban development where pollution and harm to the environment has taken place. The City of Santa Clarita, along with businesses and individuals committed to the environment, have undertaken for 24 years to clean up the river environment and keep it healthy.

The river is 83 miles long, with a watershed that has, throughout California history, supplied humans with water, fish and farmland. Nearly half of the Santa Clarita Valley’s water supply travels through the Santa Clara River, which is home to 14 endangered bird species, six endangered plant species, 57 archeological sites and 12 historical landmarks.

As a B-Corporation, AMS is committed to being a part of the environmental solution for the SCV community. We recognize the importance of the Santa Clara River to our world and we are proud to join in efforts of the City of Santa Clarita to protect and preserve the environment.