Wholesale Product Fulfillment

Business-to-Business retail fulfillment services can be an operational handful to digest, and at AMS, we don’t take this challenge lightly.

wholesale-product-fulfillment-1Our Retail Fulfillment Services Team has many decades of combined retail fulfillment experience, shipping to thousands of “brick and mortar” retail locations. For years we’ve been shipping to a great many of the nation’s major chain stores, to large eCommerce entities and QVC, and all the way to a plethora of “mom and pop” shops. No matter the ship-to location, AMS pays strict attention to routing guides, staying in total compliance with the end customer’s requirements on behalf of our clients.

Whether it’s UCC-128/GS1-128 labeling, EDI communications, ASN confirmations, required data on attached paperwork, product or carton labeling, max pallet dimensions, truck scheduling or delivery windows and deadlines, AMS knows what it takes to make our clients look like operations professionals to the valuable customers they serve.

By no means are all retail distribution programs alike. At AMS, the business-to-business fulfillment services we provide vary greatly within our client base. We have case pick programs, loose pick programs (with orders that contain dozens of line items for us to individually pick and pack), full pallet cross dock programs, pre-paid order cross dock programs, pre-book and at-once orders, retail database distributions (P-O-P, press kits and other marketing materials)… and quite often our clients have us combining some or all of the above!

Our warehouse management systems are flexible enough to support the unique needs of every AMS business-to-business (B-2-B) client, even those that market and ship their products direct-to-consumer in combination with their B-2-B business. Contact us for the Best in Retail Fulfillment!

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