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Reporting & Analytics

AMS Is Reporting for Operational Duty!

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Warehouse Management and Fulfillment Analytics

Operational reporting is an indispensable tool in any business. When you partner with us, AMS provides reporting and analytics for your business as if we were your own highly adept, in-house operations department. As always, our belief is that when our clients succeed, we succeed… and effective reporting and analytics for our clients is a key component to our mutual success! Because we are a B Corporation, you can be sure we are committed to doing right by our clients as well as the community at large.

The AMS fulfillment report system captures data, and this data is then sliced and diced into hundreds of useful reports, which can be customized further based on client needs. AMS relies on the SAP Crystal Reports Business Intelligence Suite to provide timely and meaningful business intelligence (BI). The data available through our fulfillment analytics can be quite extensive, and that same data can be exported into various software programs (e.g., Excel) for clients to use and manipulate.

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What Do AMS Fulfillment Reports Provide?

Through our online portal, our clients have secure access to hundreds of AMS reports that contain real-time information. Reports can also be sent automatically via email at intervals specified by the client. AMS has warehouse management analytics designed to manage several important operational functions, order status detail reporting, months on hand (MOH) analysis, SKU velocity, low-level reports, inventory expiry reporting and much more. If a certain report is not available, AMS will design a report to meet a client’s unique needs.

Dashboard Reporting. AMS provides dashboard reporting that demonstrates performance and reports key performance indicators (KPIs). AMS and its clients track KPIs and measurable service level categories to ensure that operations are performing at agreed-upon standards and end customers are getting great service.

Online Real-Time Access. Using our Track One online portal, clients are able to securely log into a robust real-time reporting tool that offers both canned and ad hoc reporting for order fulfillment analytics. Clients often use Track One to look up specific order information to assist with customer service or modify/cancel existing orders. As a reporting tool, data can be viewed on-screen in a variety of formats and can also be exported to software programs such as Excel, Access or PDF.

Scheduled Fulfillment Report Delivery. AMS clientele often establish a report or grouping of reports that are needed on a regularly scheduled basis. When this happens, AMS delivers the exact reporting needs of the client via email, FTP or Dropbox to any number of individuals. This may be daily, weekly, monthly, twice daily — you name it and we deliver!

Custom Reporting. AMS Fulfillment systems efficiently house data on behalf of our clients, and this data can easily be customized and conveyed to our clients through the SAP Crystal Reports Business Intelligence Suite. If the data is captured but the report you require is not readily available, AMS will customize a report or data feed to meet your needs!

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