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Client Portal

Client Access that makes an Impact!

Real-Time Access to Your Business

Our warehouse management system offers a user-friendly client portal for real-time access to order and inventory data as well as the ability to cancel orders or alter order/shipping information.  Portal reporting includes inventory availability, pending order status, orders processed, shipping/tracking information, returns received and all other available data (which can be exported in a variety of different formats). Not only do you have real-time access to this information through our system via the web 24/7, but we also send a nightly data feed that can be imported directly into your system.

Benefits of the AMS Fulfillment Client Portal

At AMS, we understand how much our clients rely on our portal for access to their information and active orders. Our portal is very flexible, fast and loaded with information that can be viewed in real time. The portal supports your business’s customer service activity, facilitating fast order and tracking number lookups — and so much more!

  • Look up existing orders and adjust/cancel orders in real time (as long as the order has not shipped!).
  • Get immediate, accurate information about every transaction we process on your behalf.
  • Enjoy real-time information on your fulfillment program right at your fingertips.
  • View inventory activity to analyze fluctuations, track serial and lot numbers, check expiration dates and uncover historical and seasonal patterns.
  • See customer order data from the time the order enters our system all the way through to final shipping and delivery.
  • Generate customized, real-time reports in the format of your choice so you can make informed decisions regarding production, buying patterns and potential cost reduction.
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