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Bi-Coastal Solutions

Opposite Coasts — Same Great Company, Systems, and Values

Finding the Shortest Distance Between Two Points

AMS Fulfillment warehouses and ships from both coasts, saving our clients money while speeding up delivery times. By maintaining multiple locations, AMS shortens the distance between the shipping point and end destination, which lowers the zonal gap cross-country, saving time in transit (TNT) while lowering cost. As your shipping volume grows, so do the potential savings, along with customer satisfaction.

East Is East and West Is West, But Bi-Coastal Is Best

AMS has 3PL facilities strategically located near major population centers and ports on both US coasts. One is in the Northeast (near Philadelphia) and the other is on the Southwest coast (near Los Angeles). We may be separated by distance, but our two locations are united in how we operate. We are the same company, we work in sync with one another, we use the same systems, we have the same values, we offer the same proactive support, and both locations are filled with passionate fulfillment “lifers.”

So, what do our dual locations mean for our clients? They get their shipments delivered in the shortest amount of time while earning high marks from their customers!

  • More than 95% of our shipments are delivered via ground in 1 or 2 days.
  • 98% of our shipments sent via ground transport arrive in 3 or fewer days.

Not many of our competitors can make those claims! 

Inventory and Supply Chains and Ports — Oh, My!

Among our customers’ main concerns is having the right amount of inventory in the right place at the right time. That’s why working with a bi-coastal company like AMS is of utmost importance. Many businesses wish to carry inventory on both coasts to reduce shipping costs. AMS not only has the warehousing facilities, but we also have the technology to manage order splitting to take advantage of the ideal ship point.

In addition to outbound shipping, AMS understands the importance of inbound (supply chain) shipping costs, and these must be balanced with dual-inventory costs. Some clients want their components delivered to eastern ports, others to western ports, and still other clients want to split their supplies between the left and right coasts. Our eastern location is near the Port of Baltimore and the Port of New York & New Jersey, while our West Coast facility is conveniently located near the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach.

When shipping with AMS Fulfillment, you can rest assured that we always balance your costs for inventory operations and transportation with your desire for fast delivery. And working with a company with multiple locations provides a contingency plan in the event that a severe weather event or earthquake, a work stoppage or strike, a port closure or other emergency takes out your only location. Redundancy in operations allows you to divert or deploy options to reduce the risk factor if any of these circumstances comes to pass.

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