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Inventory Management Services

What Is Inventory Management? It’s the Cornerstone of Success for our Clients & AMS!

At AMS Fulfillment we understand that business decisions from our clients are driven by inventory status and availability.

We view inventory management services as a critical success factor for both AMS and our clients because both parties need down-to-the-unit accuracy by location to drive efficiency in operations and ship orders On-Time In-Full (OTIF) to customers. With so much riding on clean and accurate inventory management, AMS invests heavily in people, processes, and inventory management systems technology to ensure we’re firing on all cylinders in fulfillment operations with precise and timely execution every day for our clients.

Controlling hundreds of thousands of incoming, stored, and outgoing stock-keeping units (SKUs) for dozens of unique clients is a challenging task.

At AMS we’re providing this warehouse inventory management every day! AMS provides inventory management solutions for a wide variety of industries, including beauty fulfillment, cosmetics fulfillment, apparel fulfillment, consumer goods, and much more.

Our operations associates

Our operations associates follow strict procedures with systemic checks and balances for receiving, putting away, pulling orders, pick location replenishment, inventory bin moves, and ongoing accuracy control of on-hand inventory (including system-driven cycle counts). Every building we operate employs a dedicated inventory management team to maintain complete control and accuracy.

Our operational methodology

Our operational methodology allows us to eliminate inventory data corruption simply by following the rules of our inventory management systems technology. In most cases, bogus inventory comes from circumventing the system. At AMS, we never circumvent the system. Instead, we follow the rules and processes that are central to inventory management: We research issues as they are encountered by highly skilled and trained inventory management personnel and make both physical and systemic adjustments within the warehouse and the inventory management system to reflect accurate numbers by location.

Inventory accuracy

When it comes to inventory accuracy at AMS, we believe the only thing that is more important than people, processes, and technology is Passion and Commitment… it’s easy to cut corners, but all parties pay the price in the long run when you do!

Receiving of Product Is Where Warehousing Management Begins

Accurate and efficient receiving of products is the first step in carrying a clean inventory… and our mutual success in warehousing operations depends on knowing exactly what SKUs are on hand by location and in what quantity. At AMS, we invest in systems, fulfillment processes, and people in Receiving and Inventory Management to ensure accuracy right from the start.

In a typical integration with our clients, our systems talk to each other (so to speak), so AMS knows what is headed our way with inbound purchase orders (POs). AMS uses scanning whenever possible to validate the receipt of goods by SKU, sorts products by SKU, and performs both systemic and physical put-away of goods into client-specific locations… following set processes that ensure we meet client needs such as lot number and expiry tracking when required.

Many clients require first in first out (FIFO) or first expiry first out (FEFO) as a part of warehousing and fulfillment services, and at AMS, our systems and processes tackle this tall task, making the challenge very manageable for our inventory management and receiving Teams.

Our clients’ businesses depend on AMS to receive products quickly and accurately, report back exactly what came in, and accurately manage inventory storage on an ongoing basis. We understand the vital task of managing and securing inventory on behalf of our clients, and at AMS, your inventory is in great hands!

Third-Party Inventory Management

Inventory management can be complex, particularly as a company grows, order channels expand, and the number of unique stock items increases. Whether eCommerce, big box retail, boutique, and/or brick-and-mortar sales are your “bread and butter,” digesting the nuances of logistics and inventory management can be difficult. That’s why you need an experienced third-party logistics and inventory management company like AMS Fulfillment.

We act as your proactive partner so you can work on what you do best — growing your business. When it comes to warehousing and inventory management solutions, we employ the most effective methods, including system-driven cycle counts or full-blown wall-to-wall physical inventories (or both) to ensure your inventory is received, warehoused, and managed efficiently and accurately regardless of how few or how many SKUs you have. AMS manages clients with active inventories that range between 10 and 20,000 SKUs!

With our experienced inventory professionals, inventory management system technology, and established (and passionate) processes, AMS Fulfillment delivers:

Initial capture of inventory master data by SKU, including master carton, inner carton, units per carton, and dimensional data at all inventory levels.

Inventory set-ups, floor pick and upstock locations, and sequencing that drive efficient pick and pack, and floor location replenishment operations.

System-driven cycle count programs and full wall-to-wall physical inventories.

Syncing of inventory data between our system and clients’ ERPs/systems or shopping carts for accurate available-to-sell (ATS) inventory information.

Complete data integrations with client ERPs that communicate incoming purchase order details, SKU masters, and SKU status designations (e.g. discontinued, active, core, seasonal…etc.).

Absolute security for your valuable products that are entrusted to AMS Fulfillment.

When it comes to fulfillment, systems and procedures cannot do the job alone; passion is critical, and at AMS, it’s a requirement! We take the time because we know… when our clients succeed, we succeed, and strict control of inventory is a vital component of operational success!

Choosing the Right Inventory Management Partner

Brands that value and respect what operational success means for their businesses must find a fulfillment partner that delivers precise and reliable inventory management. All parts of fulfillment business operations are important, but it all starts and ends with inventory management! Let AMS Fulfillment be that long-term and trusted partner for your growing brand. Contact Us today to learn more!

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