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Wholesale B2B Fulfillment Services

Learn how our wholesale B2B fulfillment services can improve businesses like yours.

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B2B Fulfillment can be an operational handful to digest, and at AMS, we don’t take this challenge lightly!

Our Business-to-Business (B2B) Fulfillment Services Team has many decades of B2B fulfillment experience, shipping to thousands of brick and mortar locations. We have a complete understanding of how to ship to retailers, including routed orders to large chain retailers like Walmart and Target, department stores like Nordstrom, beauty retailers like Sephora and ULTA, large E-commerce entities including Amazon, small boutiques and more!  

No matter the ship-to location, AMS pays strict attention to routing guides, staying in total compliance with the end customer’s requirements on behalf of our clients.  Whether it’s EDI communications, ASN confirmations, required data on attached paperwork, product or carton labeling, max pallet dimensions, truck scheduling or delivery windows and deadlines, AMS knows what it takes to make our clients look like operations professionals to the valuable customers they serve, raising their scores and gaining repeat orders.

At AMS, the B2B fulfillment services we provide vary greatly within our client base. We have case pick programs, loose pick programs, full pallet cross dock programs, pre-paid order cross dock programs, pre-book and at-once orders, retail database distributions…or a combination of  the above!

The warehouse management systems at our  B2B fulfillment center are flexible enough to support the unique needs of every AMS B2B client, even those that market and ship their products direct-to-consumer in combination with their B2B business. Contact us for the Best in Retail Fulfillment Services!

handling boxes and placing them on various conveyor belts for transport

Complexities managed by Wholesale Fulfillment Companies

Wholesale order fulfillment and 3pl fulfillment are complex service offerings, and AMS understands every aspect of them. Here are a few of the nuances:

  • Pick and pack to store and send to a distribution center (DC)
  • Apparel Fulfillment Services
  • Bulk product distribution to DC’s
  • Using a boutique retailer’s shipping account or your own account and re-bill the retailer
  • Avoidance of costly chargebacks by staying in compliance with routing guides
  • Routing of orders through retailer portals and adherence to ship windows
  • Ensuring that advanced shipping notices (ASNs) are transmitted on time and accurately
  • Generation and application of compliance labeling (GS1-128/UCC-128)
  • Use of retailer price stickers, barcodes, hangtags (Value Add Services)

Make AMS Fulfillment Your Reliable B2B Operations Arm

With your collaboration and the full support of our Client Services team, AMS helps you navigate the choppy waters of this challenging process. Our team collaborates with you as we strategize, plan and seamlessly execute your B2B order fulfillment game plan — quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

AMS is prepared to execute your specific wholesale fulfillment program, including case pick, loose pick or pick-and-pack, cross dock, pre-book and at-once, retail database distributions… any and all of it! You can also opt for our full-service model in which we handle everything — from B2B customer service and save-the-sale, inventory allocation management, priority retailers, and more. We’ve sat in our clients’ seats regarding Back Office Administration for wholesale/B2B businesses, giving AMS a unique vantage point for understanding what it takes to manage B2B fulfillment operations. Because we’re also a B Corporation, you can rest easy knowing that we make decisions based on what is best for all our stakeholders.

Our wholesale distribution services include:

  • Direct to store fulfillment or direct to DC shipping
  • Third-party logistics shipping accounts
  • Multi-retailer and multi-channel support
  • Consolidation and breaking bulk
  • Customized labeling and packing lists
  • Routing guide review and setup
  • GS1-128/UCC128 labeling
  • Retail ship window scheduling
  • EDI order processing
  • Inventory reservations
  • Advanced shipment notices (ASN)
  • Cross-docking
  • Real-time reporting

Learn more about AMS’ additional 3PL shipping services.


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