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Jay Catlin


With AMS since 2002

Jay Catlin, CEO: In 2002, Jay moved on to take over operational responsibilities for his father’s (David Catlin) packaged media (DVD/CD) company. Jay and David’s first order of business: form a new fulfillment entity to assemble product and displays, warehouse and manage finished goods inventory, fulfill orders to hundreds of retailers across the US and process returns.

Advantage Media Services, Inc. (AMS) was formed to do just that, and after a year of streamlining operations, Jay began to convert AMS into a multi-client pure play 3rd party fulfillment entity. With the help of an incredible team, from the senior executives to the crew on the floor, AMS grew into a true impact player in the world of 3rd Party Fulfillment, operating each day in a family-like culture that emphasizes client and employee satisfaction, community involvement and environmental awareness.

In 2019 AMS sold majority stake of the business to Boston-based Fort Point Capital, a private equity firm with a strong presence in the logistics industry. With the change in ownership, Jay took the position of CEO in order to guide the company’s continued growth.

“None of the success we’ve experienced would be possible without the amazing staff that makes up this company,” says Jay. “The folks that make up the AMS Team are for the most part fulfillment ‘Lifers’, many of whom bring experience from fulfillment companies outside of my own history. In all of my years in this business, I’ve never worked with such a cohesive group of professionals, and the family-like environment we promote at AMS spills over within our client base as well.”

Treating the client’s business as if it were your own has been a Jay’s driving philosophy since the company began… “We should do all we can to help the client be successful, as their success breeds our own.”