Shipping Systems

AMS offers flexibility and sophistication in its shipping fulfillment services. This includes the ability to automatically choose proper ship methods and accounts based on order data or order characteristics.

We are able to ship with all of the major parcel carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS), regional carriers (Cal Overnight, etc.) as well as many others through our shipping stations, through the use of our multi-carrier manifest system.

AMS can also choose ship methods based on “must arrive by” dates on an order, and use days-in-transit information to ensure the client is getting the best rates possible.For example, if a package must arrive in 3 days, AMS will know that a package will arrive at that destination in 3 days via Ground service (UPS or FedEx), so we can avoid the added cost of shipping via 3-day or 2-day service. Automation, flexibility and service excellence all are characteristics of AMS’ sophisticated shipping fulfillment services. And since AMS is bi-coastal, we can do order splits based on geographic info and order criteria.

Cost saving is one of the most welcome benefits of partnering with AMS Fulfillment, as we put forth every effort to secure the best rates possible. We work pro-actively at improving service and reducing costs, knowing that client success breeds our success and our positive contributions help solidify long-term relationships.


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