Series: What B Corporations do for the World #17

Posted by AMS / Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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March is B Corp month, and the theme is “Better Business”. At the ‘B The Change’ website we are invited to read about various Certified B Corporations and see why these featured companies are better for employees, community, customers, and the environment. You can read about these examples HERE.

Everyone can agree that a business that values the earth, the air and water and the natural resources, and operates in a manner that conserves resources, protects the environment, and protects the health of people… is ‘Better Business’.

We can agree that a business that values its employees, keeps the work environment safe, pays living wages, offers health insurance, and offers education and training for advancement… is definitely ‘Better Business’.

We can agree that a business that serves the community by hiring individuals who have difficulty securing employment due to disability, homelessness, single parenthood or a prison record is ‘Better Business’! And how about a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion? Yes, that is a ‘Better Business’.

And finally, equally as important, is a business that serves its clients and customers with the best possible products and services, transparency, efficiency, honesty and dedication to their success… that is ‘Better Business’.

These are the things that a B Corporation has a legal commitment to do, and a proven record of doing, and AMS is a B Corporation! And we are committed to doing it. We encourage you to look over our Blog list and read about a recent nomination of our Chief Workforce Development officer for a “Diversity, Inclusion + Equity Award,” or look at the many things AMS has done over the past year to create a COVID safe environment, or the “Freight Freak’s” monthly blog keeping clients up to date on commerce and the supply chain.

In addition to featuring our own efforts, we also feature other B Corporations in our bi-weekly blog – “What B Corporations do for the World.”

This week we’re featuring an article on the very clear benefit of diversity in the workplace. We hope you enjoy it.


How Leadership Diversity Improves Workplace Innovation and Productivity

Research Finds That Racial Diversity in Upper and Lower Management Leads to Better Strategy and Implementation

By Lauren Turner and Maya Fischhoff

“Diversity results in better decision-making. That’s well-known. Diverse groups consider a broader range of ideas and produce more potential solutions.

“But additional gains come when diverse employees are in roles throughout an organization, according to research from Orlando Richard (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Maria Del Carmen Triana (Vanderbilt University), and Mingxiang Li (Florida Atlantic University).

“Companies benefit most when upper management and lower management are both racially diverse, the researchers found. A 1% increase in racial diversity similarity between upper and lower management increases firm productivity by between $729 and $1,590 per employee per year.

“The data come from two studies. The researchers first examined all U.S.-based computer companies with more than 100 employees from 2007 to 2011. They found the $729 per employee benefit. Then they looked at Fortune 500 firms during the same period, finding the even greater benefit.”

Read the full article HERE.