Pick / Pack / Ship

State-of-the-art software combines with the human element to ensure accuracy in pick pack ship fulfillment services.

A robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) serves as the backbone for AMS’ pick pack ship operations… one of the core fulfillment services we offer at AMS. Our Warehouse Management System offers the flexibility of multiple pick options and features (including: Intelligent Pick Routes, RF Pick, Pick to Tote, Batch/Wave Pick, Lot Control, Serial No. Capture, License Plates/GS1-128 Labels) all of which enhance efficiency, capacity and effectiveness.

Flexibility becomes extremely important when you are providing pick and pack fulfillment for a wide variety of product types that come in all shapes and sizes, and with SKU counts ranging from 5 to 20,000 or more! Our people do the rest as order pickers, using the system to pull appropriate items and quantities, ensuring every order receives 100% Quality Control verification. At AMS, we take great care in choosing qualified staff for our operations as each individual is first trained, then monitored for both accuracy and efficiency.

What sets AMS apart from others in this industry is the dedication of all of our employees to client success. Contact us for the best in pick pack ship fulfillment. We are passionate about warehouse accuracy and efficiency – in fact, for AMS passion is a requirement!


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