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What Are Value-Added Services?

Business owners know that going above and beyond the call of duty is a surefire way to win the hearts and minds of their customers. Being able to offer a little bit more than they expect means consumers will be more likely to offer you their patronage next time.

The same is true when it comes time for you to choose a third-party logistics partner to help you fill your customers’ orders. If you can find one that offers value-added services (VAS) in addition to the basics, you could save time and money, as well as speed up your supply chain.

What are value-added services as they pertain to 3PL? Read to learn how they can help you.

Going the Extra Mile

What is a VAS from a 3PL partner? In simple terms, a VAS is any additional capability that a 3PL may offer in addition to picking, packing, shipping and other basics of fulfillment. These services have become especially prevalent with the rise of e-commerce, where customers often expect more than a plain cardboard box. Being able to provide these added-value services means a third-party provider can give your company greater flexibility and broader options for customization. 

Here is a quick rundown of some of the most common VAS:

  • Kitting/assembly — This means bundling multiple products into a single SKU for easier picking. In its simplest form, kitting involves wrapping two of the same items together. More complex kitting practices involve combining items that are usually bought in the same order into a single package to make them easier to pick and pack.

  • Packaging/labeling — Whether they are packaging goods for store shelves or labeling them with barcodes for the next phase of the journey, a third-party fulfillment partner who can handle packaging and labeling tasks can bring efficiency to your processes.

  • Reworking/refurbishment — Sometimes, pre-made packages need to be broken down into their component items or repackaged for quality control concerns. A partner who can offer these services as part of its general offerings can take these worries off your shoulders.

  • Printing/design — The messaging for your packaging can change quickly, and personalized messages to your customers make them more likely to return. Integrating these capabilities into traditional fulfillment means a 3PL partner can react with greater speed and efficiency than an outside printing or design firm.

The Right Partner Makes All the Difference

As you can see, choosing a fulfillment provider who can deliver more than just the basics can put you in a much better position to serve your customers.

As a leading 3PL company serving a broad range of industries, AMS Fulfillment offers a wide selection of value-added services aimed at making your job easier and more efficient. We have the capabilities and technology to go further than many of our competitors are willing to go, and we’re committed to helping you succeed.

To learn more about everything we can do for you and your business, get in touch with us today.



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