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We Will Miss You Betty-Lou

Women Leaders | Betty-Lou Wiseman, President, AMS WestAs Betty-Lou Wiseman is leaving AMS, she takes a piece of our hearts with her. The President of AMS has been with us a long time, she has built the AMS culture perhaps more than anyone else. Betty-Lou has played many roles within the business, she has shown us what community service means, and she has shown us that yes, women can definitely lead.

Betty-Lou came to AMS in 2004 with over 15 years of experience in many aspects of fulfillment including directing Client Services. She became AMS’ Executive VP of Client Services and was promoted to President of AMS in 2019. In her years at AMS Betty-Lou mentored many individuals who today thank her sincerely for her guidance.

Over the years her service to the community was inspiring as well. She served on the Board of the SCV Domestic Violence Center and did fundraising for numerous organizations including multiple youth organizations, Senior Concerns and Single Mothers Outreach. She serves on AMS’ exemplary Volunteer Champion committee. Betty-Lou has been amazing in her service to the community.

Where is she going? AMS CEO, Jay Catlin, gives us that information in his announcement of her departure in a message to employees.

Betty-Lou has been with AMS for nearly 20 years as an incredible contributor toward our success, and someone who has embodied our giving, family-like culture from Day One. Betty-Lou has chosen to pursue a new path outside of AMS… one that will serve her community as she is looking forward to working with her husband Ken (long-time AMS CEO) on all his new ventures. I know Betty-Lou will remain connected to AMS and its people as an owner of the company and most importantly, a friend and mentor to so many. On behalf of AMS, I sincerely thank Betty-Lou for her contributions over the years and being a pillar of strength for so many along the way.

** ** **

To say a fitting farewell, we have asked several individuals that Betty-Lou worked with and inspired to speak for us, and we added a final message you will enjoy!!

Samantha Hicks – Corporate Culture and Org. Development Business Partner

I could write a book on Betty-Lou! I don’t even know where to begin to capture the essence of how amazing this person is, how much she has accomplished as a professional woman, and the gravity of the difference she made on so many people lives and on so many different levels, from a mom to someone who lost theirs at an early age, to mentoring an entry level warehouse employee to a director, to personally helping those in need, to hosting the most fab girl bonding parties at her house, to being so humble and caring someone wouldn’t know she is the president of the company so people open up to her, this is just my observations from the top of my head. She interviewed me in 2011 and has watched my career like an angel, always supporting growth for me. She is a safe-haven for me, and I know she was for a lot of people too, which is why her leaving brings a few tears.

She taught me the “human” side of my career. She is empathetic on how situations at work make people feel, and never made people feel bad about themselves. She is the queen of building relationships. There were two sides to every coin, and she believed in the goodness of people. She stops to listen and does everything in her power to help. When you walk around the warehouses with her, she glows. People look up and smile at her, hugs & kisses and everything! She has instilled what a company culture should be, and thanks to Betty-Lou, I now know and hope to carry her legacy and make her proud.”

** ** **

Michael Gumm, Director of Client Services

When I got the chance to write a little something about Betty-Lou Wiseman, I asked myself, where do I possibly start? Should I start at the very beginning when I walked across the street to interview for an Account Manager position, and she told me that I could join her team on the spot? Should I start with the fun parties we’ve had at the Wiseman house with great food, drinks, and most importantly… friends? Maybe I’ll start by thanking her for always caring for me when my mom passed away just a few months after I started at AMS. I couldn’t believe the way that Betty-Lou put her heart out and took me in as a son, when I was only 22 years old, with much confusion, anger, and growing up to do both inside and outside the workplace. Perhaps the best spot would be to thank her for showing me what it was to be true to herself, her family, her co-workers, her teams, no matter what the situation.  

I could probably start with any of these points, but the truth is, I would always end up at the very same conclusion by the time I got to the end of my note. That being, that Betty-Lou is a person who you’ll only find once in a lifetime. She’s a once in a lifetime boss, mother, friend, wife, president, golfer, philanthropist, and absolutely incredible human that you’d be lucky to have spent time with. Betty-Lou can light up a room with laughter, good stories, and energy just by sitting down and eating some lunch. She has an energy and spirit about her that makes everyone in the room gather around and want to have a conversation with.

Folks who have worked for Betty-Lou know that they always give their best effort when she’s in charge of a project. We give it our all when she’s around. Not because she’s strict or pushes employees towards success, but simply because you can’t help but love her and want to do your very best to make her proud, knowing that she’ll be right by your side every step of the way (regardless of the circumstances). Win or lose, profit or loss, acquisition or disengagement, Betty-Lou has your back to the end. It is with much sorrow and excitement (at the very same time) that I will muster up the courage to say goodbye to her at AMS. Tears start building up every time I think about her retirement, but they are happy tears that represent all the great memories, the great achievements, the great fun we’ve had over the past 15 years.

The crazy part about this long ride is that it never really felt too much like work when Betty-Lou was at the helm of the ship. She was and is such a great leader that you can’t help but work hard for. She never stopped being fair and true to her morals and values, even when inevitable success overwhelmed AMS over many years of growth, she held true to her job, herself, her people, and her family. She never faked the funk, and always kept it real by speaking the truth (even to the folks that couldn’t handle the truth). My keyboard is damp with happy tears as I type the end of this note to my 2nd mother Betty-Lou. There is no doubt in the world that she will be just as great of a person outside the workplace as she was inside. She worked so hard to get here and I’ll always remember how much fun we had along the way, how great of a job we did for all those clients, how many employees we made happy when they were down, how many folks we groomed and grew when they didn’t look to have much of a future, how many awesome battles we fought (and won) against the toughest businessmen and businesswomen.

Through all those endeavors, I wish you a warm and loving farewell Betty-Lou. Even though I’ll still get to see you from time to time, I’ll miss you so much at work and think of you all the time. It makes me happy to think that I can carry on so many great things that you taught me along the way: staying true to morals, taking the fair pathway, even if it’s a challenging one, sharing good virtues to team members, leading by example, sticking up for yourself when you know it’s right, fighting for the quiet ones who can’t fight for themselves, staying positive during the tough times, and always showing up with a smile and a good attitude. Love you Betty-Lou and will always have you in my heart. Thank you for believing in a young stubborn boy and always being there for me, rain or shine. It was a great blessing to get to work for you for all these years.

** ** **

Justin Wiseman – Director of Operations WIT 2 (and son of Betty-Lou and Ken Wiseman)

It’s with a heavy heart that my mom Betty-Lou Wiseman is moving on from AMS. Our company has been built on a platform where our employees are #1. It’s one of the most important things my mom and dad taught me. If you speak to any of our WIT2 employees they will feel the same way. We are the AMS family. We all spend more time with each other than we do with our own families. That being said I’ve been a lucky guy to work with my Mom and Dad for 20 years and help build this company to what it is today.

My Mom has been a pivotal human in the organization and representation of our company. She has stuck by everyone and is always a “mom” when you need her. Overall I did my best to “not” work with Betty-Lou because than means there would be escalation and in my workplace and world that doesn’t happen.

I have learned from my family how to treat all people honestly and as equals. Never put anyone down. Work with people. Understand someone might be dealing with outside things and to be empathetic and realize life’s not always perfect. My Mom will be missed so much from our company. She’s not just my mom. She’s the AMS mom. I’m really glad I got to share the best Mom in the world with so many others. Her grace and the way she can fix anything is irreplaceable. Love you Betty-Lou. You’re not only an awesome mom but a great boss, role model, and just an overall super human whom I have so much respect for.

** ** **

We will end this writing with a message sent to us by Ken Wiseman, former AMS CEO and the ‘one and only one’ who could take Betty-Lou away from us!

Hello AMS!

I got word that a few people are sharing their thoughts about Betty-Lou leaving AMS. I thought I would also take a few minutes to share what her departure means to me…

While I know that Bet will be missed at AMS, it is so exciting to me to have Betty-Lou joining me once again in all of the projects we have going on in Piru. While Bet stayed on with AMS after I retired last year, to be honest, it’s been a difficult for me to see her heading off to work each day. Most that know us remember that I loved the fact that we have worked together for 44 years, 43 while married. Many recall how I sulked around on days Bet was away, and I usually didn’t go a full day without a few trips to her office to catch-up. Many also remember that at meetings, I was often pranked by team members purposely taking the seats next to Bet at meetings, but then graciously giving them up to me when my obvious disappointment prevailed.

Bet completes me. The tons of ideas gain foundation and occasional grounding when Bet gets involved. She has already been helping me on some of these projects in her spare time, but having her around full time is going to be a welcome change.

I know Bet takes great pride in the team that she has built, and has great confidence in the team’s continued success. I know she is excited to be joining me on these ventures, and while I know she will miss the team and she will always, as I have, keep the great memories close to her heart and look forward to future get togethers and updates on how everyone is doing.

So what do we have planned? Well first and importantly, more time for us and our family and friends. Being home bodies, much of that time will be spent at home and in our community. The Corazon de Piru Coffee Shop and Beer and Wine Café will be opening at the end of June. Our Mountain View Inn and Restaurant will open in August or September. We have 3-affordable housing projects underway, one for seniors, and 2 for general residential. Bet looks forward to more time with her Board position with the Santa Paula – Fillmore – Piru Boys and Girls Club and she is also excited about joining the Red Cross to train for disaster assistance and logistics for Piru. Bet has been already a big help to me with our involvement in the Piru Neighborhood Council. Relaxation will be time in our vineyard as we commercialize the vineyard and look forward to serving our wine to the Community in the Café and Restaurant. Hope to see many of you come by for a visit!

It has been a wonderful journey to have shared with our AMS family, and it has been much of what we have learned about working with people from all walks of life while at AMS, that has helped lay the path for our retirement and pursuing activities that embrace community. It’s with great joy that I welcome Bet back into my life on a full time basis!!!

Most sincerely, Ken

** ** **

Thank you Jay, Samantha, Michael, Justin and Ken. There is no way to express what Betty-Lou means to all of us, but we needed to try and send her off to her new ventures with LOVE. And it looks like we did just THAT!! Go with LOVE, Betty-Lou. We will miss you, but we know you’re in good hands!!

Ken and Betty-Lou - AMS Fulfillment




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