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Training and Mentorship at AMS

Mentors - AMS FulfillmentIn this blog we’re going to look into training and mentorship at AMS. AMS is a B Corporation. The “B” means a lot – it stands for “Benefit” and that means the business wants to do more than make a financial profit. AMS wants to “Benefit” the people working at AMS with more than a paycheck. This quote below speaks our view quite well.

“Invest in your employees. Happy employees are enjoyable to work with, they are creative, collaborative, and excited to grow. Look for solutions that are mutually beneficial for the employee, the business and the community.”

Training at AMS

New employees are trained in their tasks when hired, and that is a given. What more does AMS do? We offer education and professional development courses in a classroom on campus where employees can learn during work hours, while staying ‘on the clock’. Below are some of the things employees can learn while working for that paycheck!

*Skills-Based Training- Excel, Customer Service

*Cross-Job Skills Training- includes training that is not related to an employee’s core job responsibilities, but rather allows them to learn new skills that help them better understand other departments and positions.

*Life Skills Training- Training on life skills for personal development includes training that may not be related to the business, but rather enhances skills in employees that they can use throughout life. Examples include Money Management, Workplace Communication Strategies, Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace, and English as a second language.

*Management Training- For non-managers and managers, beginning and advanced.

Employees have easy access to the training as it is done onsite at Valencia HQ and remotely in all other locations. We provide the laptops in conference rooms, and we also utilize large screens. Our classes include beginning and advanced courses.

There is excellent participation in the classes and we believe the training not only increases job satisfaction but improves the earning potential, potential for promotions and future opportunities for our employees.

For AMS there are benefits as well. The training helps us to attract and retain talent and helps increase collaboration and networking. And importantly, the training is a pipeline for new managers and executives of the company.


While training is something the business does, mentorship is something the people do – it is an offering of help and advice and encouragement from one employee to another, and it is a beautiful thing – both beautiful to have a mentor and beautiful to be one. AMS encourages mentoring, recognizing it as ‘job shadowing’.

For our look into mentorship, we have asked Ray Acharon, Assistant Account Manager, for an interview. Ray has both received mentoring and offered mentoring and we thank him for agreeing to tell us about his experience at AMS. Thank you, Ray.

Q: When you started at AMS what was your experience in learning the job. Did you have the help of a mentor?

Ray: When I started, my experience in learning the job was to be extremely curious. I had a thirst to learn and understood that helpful communication, hard work, and being genuine was the best way to prove my value. That was some of the advice from my mentor who played an important role in my development here at AMS. From sharing experiences and expertise, they helped me navigate challenges, capitalize opportunities, and grow both personally and professionally.

Q: Have you had the opportunity to mentor others?

Ray: Yes and I found mentoring to be incredibly fulfilling. I’ve been able to share what I learned from my experiences with others to help create their own paths and focus on achieving their goals.

Q: Could you offer your observations about both training and mentorship at AMS?

Ray: The training programs and mentorship at AMS cultivated not only my individual skills, but also an understanding of our company’s goal and core values which is to do good as a business while doing great things for our clients, employees, and shareholders. I’m inspired by our leaders for advocating these initiatives and empowering me to make meaningful contributions to both AMS and our community. I believe that’s what being a B Corporation is all about.

** **

We are proud to be a B Corporation, and we feel like we benefit from the commitment in many ways. We have happier and more fulfilled employees; we have a wonderful safety record; we appreciate being able to benefit the community; we are dedicated to protecting the environment; and we serve our clients as if we are their partner. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.



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